By petedirenzo
Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Michael Forbes, a Scottish landowner who refused to sell his property to Donald Trump and rose to prominence as an opponent of Trump's Aberdeenshire golf development, was named Top Scot in Glenfiddich's annual Spirit of Scotland Awards. In response, The Donald is calling for a boycott, according to the BBC.

"Glenfiddich's choice of Michael Forbes, as Top Scot, will go down as one of the great jokes ever played on the Scottish people and is a terrible embarrassment to Scotland."
"I make a pledge that no Trump property will ever do business with Glenfiddich or William Grant and Sons."
"Top Scot is a totally open category in which the people of Scotland can vote for whomsoever they choose and Glenfiddich has no influence on this decision."In the history of these awards, we are not aware of the Top Scot award causing any offence or upset to anyone and it is not our intention to do so now. These awards were set up to give the people of Scotland a vote and we must respect their decision."

Trump, who doesn't drink, also claimed that Glenfiddich awarded Forbes the title in response to the release of Trump's whiskey this year, according to

“Glenfiddich is upset that we created our own single malt whisky using another distillery, which offers far greater products..."

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