By petedirenzo
Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Duf is going global.
American golf's most intriguing export is headlining the SPS Handa Perth International this week, and the Western Australian press is trying its best to figure out what makes Jason Dufner tickā€¦or waggle. Neville Leck of Golf365 took an anthropological approach, compiling quotes from Amanda Dufner, who might have an idea. But the takeaways just add to the maze.
For instance: His childhood nickname was Hot Dog, he makes lists of everything (and then backs up his lists on a hard drive), and he's a TMZ junkie.
And then this:

In direct contrast once more to the golfer who so often seems to have ice in his veins, Dufner is fascinated by animals and can sit at the zoo for hours just watching one animal.

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