By petedirenzo
Thursday, October 11, 2012

In case you are wondering, real life is just Caddyshack starring Alec Baldwin.
That's just one takeaway from Kate Briquelet's New York Post interview with Scott Werner, a caddy at the high-brow East Hampton Golf Club, who recently self-published a book chronicling the misadventures of the super-rich at the super-fancy course.
Among them is Jack Donaghy himself:

When the club first opened years ago, Alec Baldwin would terrorize CEOs by driving up to the course in a blue car and park with a cup of coffee, Werner recalled.
Anytime someone would take a swing, he’d honk his horn to faze them. It’s rumored he loathed the club for environmental reasons.

it's free on Amazon for Kindle users $9.95 in paperback for analog folk.

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