By petedirenzo
Thursday, October 04, 2012

Martin Kaymer was only 6 when Bernhard Langer missed the six-foot putt at the 1991 Ryder Cup that would have retained the trophy for the European team, but his countryman's most painful moment was still on Kaymer's mind on Sunday. Kaymer, of course, knocked in his putt to beat Steve Stricker and earn Europe's 14th point. On Wednesday at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, Kaymer told reporters what he was thinking before he hit the putt.

Q.  Did Langer’s miss cross your mind when you were standing over the putt? MARTIN KAYMER:  When I was standing behind-- when I went down, I saw a footprint and it crossed my mind maybe four and a half seconds, so it was there, but it didn't have any influence in a positive or in a negative way.  I saw the footprint and I thought, Bernhard, okay, gone.  So it was not really a second. Yes, I did think about it, but it's the past.  It's 21 years ago.  At the end of the day, if you stick to the facts of the putt, it was easiest putt you can have, even though with all of the circumstances, is it was an uphill inside line.  There is no easier putt.  It's true, if you bring it down to the facts and try to forget about The Ryder Cup, we have putt that putt millions of times. Q.  Is that what you told yourself?MARTIN KAYMER:  I said, there's no second doubt, inside right, step up, make it.  So very clear thoughts, which was nice. Q.  Have you spoken to Bernhard since?MARTIN KAYMER:  Tried to call me twice but I didn't have a chance to call him back unfortunately.  I was texting a little bit with him yesterday and I will call him maybe in an hour or so when I calm down a little bit and get away from the golf course.

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