By petedirenzo
Wednesday, October 03, 2012

After spending much of Ryder Cup week announcing in the first-person plural, Colin Montgomerie had more to say in a Wednesday column published in The Telegraph. Monty, a 2014 hopeful for the European captaincy, dispensed more of his bountiful knowledge to future American counterparts. Specifically, after watching Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson pair like they were playing in a country club Father-Son outing, Monty thinks Tiger Woods needs a youngin' of his own:
"It is time for Woods to be entrusted to take a young player under his wing," Monty wrote. "It’s a two-way thing, as Mickelson and Bradley showed. In fact, Mickelson was the big-winner in that pairing as Bradley really fired him on to produce his best. I see a Rickie Fowler type doing the same for Tiger."
There you have it. The Ryder Cup swami has spoken. Next time, bring on Rickie Woods and Keegan Mickelson. Sorry, Strick.

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