By petedirenzo
Monday, August 06, 2012

The Tam O'Shanter Club in Brookville, N.Y., is golf's newest den of iniquities, according to a former bartender who talked to the New York Post. He is accusing the club of, among other things, bringing in strippers and prostitutes to entertain guests of the Long Island club:

The flesh-fests took place during the country club’s men-only August outings attended by about 100 to 150 members and their guests, said [former bartender Justin] Williams, who this week filed a wrongful termination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
The day began with scantily clad local strippers parading around the golf course at each of the tees — and ended with prostitutes having sex with the men in members-only showers and massage rooms, he said.
a school that practically shares a parking lot with Tam O'Shanter

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