By petedirenzo
Friday, August 03, 2012

Over the past week, lots of digital ink has been spilled by envious golf writers talking about their game's return to the Olympics in 2016. Much of the chatter has revolved around the event's general haziness. How will the field be set? Will it really just be 72 holes of stroke play? Can't we change the format to something, I don't know, different?
Well, apparently we can put that fun little format debate right to bed. In an interview with The Golf Channel's Rex Hoggard, Ty Votaw, the executive director of the International Golf Foundation’s Olympic Golf Committee, explained that making any change to the tournament would be much harder than we all thought:

“It’s unlikely it’s going to change because (72-hole stroke play) was the way it was presented to the IOC,” Votaw said. “Most Olympic sports are individual sports, not a team competition. But we are open to a different format post-2016.”

reported by Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal:
“A 72-hole stroke play tournament doesn’t lend itself that well to the medal race. As we all know who are involved with golf, fourth place, sixth place, eighth place are really good showings. I almost think a long drive contest lends itself better to a medal, where you can have preliminaries and heats and guys are going for the gold like a sprint. In golf when you have 72 holes, it’s hard to be excited about it.”

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