By petedirenzo
Friday, August 03, 2012

A new golf course in the Bronx will be New York to the core. At least that's what it's made of.
Rubble removed from the ongoing Second Avenue Subway project on Manhattan's East Side is being used to help build up a new course in the northernmost borough, according to Kim Tingley at the New York Times. Expect a hilly course, too, because there's a lot of rock coming out of that tube:

After a blast, workers spray water to settle the dust and liquid concrete to reinforce and waterproof the walls. Then they haul up the debris, most of which goes to New Jersey landfills and recycling centers, though some is becoming part of a golf course in the Bronx. During the creation of the 72nd Street station hole, up to three blasts shook the earth every day and roughly 80 trucks carted away 1,600 tons of rubble.

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