By petedirenzo
Wednesday, August 01, 2012

After his run-in with that British Bird at the U.S. Open, one might expect Webb Simpson to hate chickens.
But Simpson took to Twitter in defense of Chick-fil-A on Tuesday night, dropping himself into the middle of the recent controversy that's swirled around the restaurant president's opposition to same-sex marraige.
Simpson, who describes himself as a "*sinner* loved by a savior" on his Twitter profile, tweeted out a few articles that supported the chain. Then, after a little blow-back, he followed up with a tweet of his own that tried really hard to seem apolitical: Simpson tweet It didn't work.
Simpson took some flack and seemed a little hurt by it: "I have nothing against anyone," Simpson tweeted. "No singling out any group or person. I jut love to discuss big issues with people and some people IMMEDIATELY...get so mad before coming up with their thoughts on an issue. Is it wrong to like a well thought out opinion of some current event??...I love good, deep convo with peeps I dont know. But why is it that a lot of people's first defense of an opinion useless anger?"
Webb, meet the Web. We get the feeling this might be Simpson's last foray into the politics of tweets, which would probably save his sponsors some indigestion.

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