By petedirenzo
Thursday, June 14, 2012

We don't get to see Alvaro Quiros very often on this side of the Atlantic. There's a reason: Our imperial par 4's are just too dainty. On any given day, the Spanish cannon is bound to be the longest hitter on any given golf course.
He put that length to use (sort of) during a practice round Wednesday. Quiros hit the single rarest shot we'll see all week, acing the 288-yard par-4 seventh. Unfortunately, his albatross is also the single most meaningless shot we'll see all week, tied with every other ball struck between Monday morning and Wednesday night. The Golf Channel had a camera rolling, because, as they are wont to tell you, the Golf Channel has golf covered. Watch closely: it rolls in like the world's longest mini-golf putt.

Doubt anything like that happens in competition, but if we're seeing double-eagles, expect the USGA to build walls around the cup… D.J. Raises CainDustin Johnson bombed a few doomed golf balls into McCovey Cove from AT&T Park Wednesday night, prior to throwing - err, bouncing - out the first pitch at the Giants/Astros game. has the video (the pitch comes 35 sec. in).
Breaking down the pitch: D.J. looks like a pitcher, but his mechanics could use some work (under-striding, over-throwing). Between Johnson and Rory McIlroy on Tuesday, golfers at Giants games have a single combined strike so far this week. Breaking down the drives: Notify the Coast Guard in Oakland.
We're not sure bombing golf balls into a massive body of water is the best way to tighten your game before facing Olympic's fairways, but a little golf was the perfect warm up for Giants starter Matt Cain. The pitcher was allowed one swing by his GM, and he smoothed one out there and into the cove. (D.J. estimated that Cain's cut carried 310.) And with the hard stuff out of the way, Cain went on to throw the Giants' first ever perfect game. Pest ControlHow much bug spray does it take to keep pests off U.S. Open participants? According to, 550 bottles. No word on whether it will keep reporters away from Tiger/Phil/Bubba. Tweet of the Day: Djtweet

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