Truth & Rumors: Jack disagrees with Rory's U.S. Open prep

Thursday June 7th, 2012

On the 50th anniversary of Jack Nicklaus's first U.S. Open title at Oakmont, he sat down with Rory McIlroy, a year off his own win at Congressional, for a 10-minute interview with CNN during last week's Memorial.
Rory's reverence for Jack isn't all that surprising, but Jack's grandfatherish affection for Rory will probably make most golf fans feel a little warm-and-fuzzy. The two talked about their relationship, about learning from losses (and wins), about Tiger Woods, and about Rory's decision to play this week in Memphis instead of heading out to Olympic for a few extra passes at the Open track. Some highlights:
Jack on Rory in Majors:

He's got the monkey off his back right now. Now he can go play golf...The next one will come when its ready to come. And when they do, they might start coming [quickly]. I may start worrying about him instead of Tiger [laughs].
On Rory playing in Memphis:
Nicklaus: Did you play before the Open last year?
McIlroy: No
Nicklaus: And you're gonna play this year?
McIlroy: Yes.
Niclaus: I keep my mouth shut...And you're not gonna see Olympic until you get there?
McIlroy: Until Monday.
Nicklaus: OK...
Jack on Olympic:
I think Olympic takes a little knowing. I wish [McIlroy would] go out and practice, frankly. But it's his call.
(Note: After the interview with Jack -- and missing the cut in his tournament -- that's exactly what McIlroy did. When the best-ever offers you advice...)
Check out the full interview below.

Mercedes-Benz Roadster outraces golf ballThe Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster may not be the most practical way to shuttle to and from the course. There's not much of a trunk, and it's sure to be gored by those positively alpine parking lot speed bumps. Oh, and it starts somewhere around $200,000. But, according to the Washington Post, it may well be the world's fastest golf cart:

Coulthard, who was driving the 571-horsepower SLS AMG Roadster at 120 mph, caught a golf ball struck by professional golfer Jake Shepherd 900 feet away. The speed of the golf ball flying through the air was clocked at up to 178 mph during its trajectory. This amazing achievement, which took place on May 30 at an airport in Surrey, England, secured the world record for the farthest golf shot caught in a moving car in only the second attempt of the day.
Let's be honest. Attempting the world record for "farthest golf shot caught in a moving car" is just an excuse to drive a Mercedes you can't afford, or to hit a golf ball at one. But chasing down one of your patented flailing slices before it dives OB? Sigh. Someday... Tiger's advice to niece Cheyenne: Just kick buttTiger Woods will never be confused with Ann Landers, but the man does give good advice. And, according to niece Cheyenne Woods, it's always the same. The Golf Channel has the details:
Cheyenne Woods doesn’t need to call her famous uncle for advice as she prepares to make her professional debut this week.
She knows what Tiger would tell her before teeing it up on a sponsor’s invite at the Wegmans LPGA Championship.
“[Tiger] is always telling me just to kick butt,” Cheyenne said Tuesday at Locust Hill Country Club. “Tiger is always dominating, so that is one word of advice he would give me.”
Of course, that seems to be a lot easier for golfers named Woods. Cheyenne, who graduated two weeks ago from Wake Forest, makes her pro debut Thursday at the Wegmans LPGA Championship. We'll see what she does with Tiger's wisdom. Tweet of the Day:

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