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Friday, May 25, 2012

Nervous flyers may want to skip this item. Nervous golfers, too. On Wednesday afternoon a cabin door ripped off an airborne jet and plummeted thousands of feet onto a golf course north of Miami. Nobody was hurt, according to CNN:

The Canadair CL600 jet was traveling from Opa-Locka to Pompano Beach, Florida, on Wednesday when it was diverted and landed safely at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, according to FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Berge.

The door, with retractable boarding stairs attached, crashed through trees, bouncing onto a golf course near Hallandale Beach, according to CNN affiliate WSVN, which shot video of it being removed by a tow truck.

Is Kevin Na playing too ... quickly? waggle-less pre-shot routine

Na's new routine has no waggles and takes little time. He takes one practice swing when he's at the ball, then puts the club behind the ball, looks at the target, sets his feet, and when he feels comfortable -- and it didn't take him long to feel comfortable Thursday -- he takes the club back and hits the ball.

…"Every shot is hard," Na said. "I'm constantly thinking about it. I'm not even thinking about my golf swing. That's kind of hurting me a little bit because I always have a swing thought, but right now, I have no swing thought. I don't have time to have a swing thought. I've just got to think about my pre-shot routine, get ready and go."

…John Huh, who has played with Na several times this season, told him he thought he was actually quicker than he needed to be.

"I said, 'John, I'm just one of those guys that if I'm going to fix it, I'm going to do it right now,' " Na said. "I'm not going to go little by little. I'm going to change the whole thing."

Sixteen-year-old girl beats up on boys at Bethpage event Annie Park Newsday has the story extravagantly funded

Park defeated a field of 134 golfers — 133 of whom were boys. She finished six strokes ahead of Farmingdale sophomore Matt Lowe, who was the two-time defending champion and previous record holder. Lowe's younger sister, Alix, was the only other girl in the tournament.

"It feels good, I guess," Park said when asked about her victory over the boys. "I was just thinking about my own game." Lowe, an accomplished golfer who is gunning for a spot in the men's U.S. Open, was thinking about her game, too.

"She's gotta be one of the best female golfers in the world," said Lowe, 16, of Farmingdale. "It's like being hit by a freight train."

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