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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Some interesting stories came out of Monday's World Golf Hall of Fame induction, which featured the likes of Phil Mickelson, LPGA great Hollis Stacy, two-time major champion Sandy Lyle, writer Dan Jenkins, and famed player/broadcaster Peter Alliss. Aside from some emotional comments from Phil and some humor from Lyle, the tastiest tidbits were comments regarding Tiger Woods, the current state of his game, and his chances of breaking the Golden Bear's major record. 
Peter Alliss, who's never been shy about speaking his mind, didn't pull any punches when it came to El Tigre's game. 

“I do not understand the thinking of Tiger Woods,” Alliss said. “I think his golfing brain, for some reason or other, is completely addled.
“Perhaps the good part of his brain for a period drained from here, down to here,” Alliss said, motioning from his head to his groin. “And that caused him great distress, probably a modicum of enjoyment at the time. But he’s gone.”
“I’m not saying I’m a great teaching guru, but I’d love to have about a half an hour [with Woods]. If he couldn’t be put right in an hour, I’d go home and stick my head in a bucket of ice water, because it’s so simple. You stand and you swing.”

Jenkins, who was even less kind, said he didn't believe Tiger would ever catch Nicklaus, and if he did, "he'll be the first guy that ever did it with three swings."
The famous scribe then went on to question Tiger's heart and determination in what could be considered a pretty blatant display of disrespect to a player who's won 14 major championships. 

"...The thing I always thought, and I don't know if it's true or not, but everybody wants to win and everyone says they want to win, but the great champions absolutely despised the idea of losing. I think that's what Ben Hogan had, what Arnold had, Jack certainly had it. I frankly don't know whether Tiger Woods has it or not because he has never had to come from behind. Every major he won he was in front and everyone, most of them, dropped dead."
Man U Fan Rory McIlroy Steals Man City's Trainer According to The Telegraph (UK)
We didn’t quite beg, but Rory did feel Steve was a vital part of the team,” said his manager, Conor Ridge. “He’s really happy Steve could keep working with him.”

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