Truth & Rumors: Deadspin provokes PGA Tour on video use

Monday April 30th, 2012

PGA Tour vs. DeadspinToward the end of January, Deadspin posted this pretty hilarious video of a sound guy biting it as Ryuji Imada prepared to tee off at the Humana Challenge. According to Deadspin's Barry Petchesky, the PGA Tour did not find the video nearly as funny.

It was not the pinnacle of sports commentary, but it was a guy falling down, and I thought it was pretty funny.
The PGA Tour disagreed. They sent us a nice little letter on PGA letterhead, noting that " is displaying unauthorized PGA TOUR video content....This footage could not have been captured except in violation of the PGA TOUR's on-site policies, and in violation of PGA TOUR's copyrights."
That letter insisting the video be taken down can be seen here.
Deadspin and the Gawker Media legal team responded to the PGA Tour, arguing fair use. The PGA Tour and their lawyers have since rejected that argument, as seen in this letter, stating, "Gawker used the most substantial, important, and commercially profitable portion of PGA TOUR's content."
We'll have to wait and see if further legal action is taken against Deadspin, but Petchesky seemed to find the entire squabble just as funny as the video that sparked it all.
Once again, we're talking about a guy falling down. If that's the most profitable portion of the entire Humana Challenge broadcast, they've got bigger problems than some tinpot website milking it for laughs. The video stays up. Damn the man, save the Empire.
Bubba ready to go homeIt has been a whirlwind ride for Bubba Watson since winning the Masters, and now he is ready to get home to his wife and new son, reports Ryan Ballengee
"I just want to go home and then see what it feels like to be a real dad and be there and support my wife and everything," Watson said Sunday. "So, that's where I really want to be right now."
Despite the exhausting schedule and missing home, Bubba still pulled together a T18 finish at the Zurich Classic, keeping his goal to finish every event in contention alive and well.
"Pretty good week being tired, coming back for the first time after winning the Masters, all this different media attention, you know, all the stuff that comes with it," he said. "It's something you got to get used to. Wears on you, tires you out. Somehow, I finished in the top 20. A lot of guys wished they did that. Not a bad week."
Watson will skip this week's Wells Fargo Championship, but never fear, he'll be back in time for the Players — that is, unless he opts out for diaper duty.
"That's where I'm supposed to be. That's where I'm scheduled to play. We're going to go home and evaluate and see where we're at," he said.
Lexi's prom date controversyLexi Thompson is 17, and like thousands of teenagers across America, she'll be attending her high school prom in a few weeks. But Lexi isn't just any teenager, so she can't have just any date. She needs an American hero. By now you've probably seen the video in which she announces a contest for U.S. servicemen, who can upload a photo to her Facebook page in hopes of winning the chance to take her to prom. The video has sparked some controversy, and many in the media have deemed the stunt "creepy."
I'm scratching my head at the controversy. Clearly this is a calculated PR move -- everything  Thompson does from this point forth essentially will be -- but creepy? It's not like Lexi is trying to knock down the door of 30-year-old servicemen, and she specifically states that candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 20. That doesn't seem like an unreasonable or inappropriate age range. But more importantly: it's simply a date to a high school prom. Tweet(s) of the Day

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