Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Olazabal mug shotJose Maria Olazabal can't drive 65Jose Maria Olazabal was pulled over for speeding after the Masters Champions Dinner on Tuesday night, according to The Savannah Morning News.

Ehsanipoor said the two-time Masters Champ was going 97 mph on Ga. 21 in a 65 mph zone when he was stopped by a deputy.
Olazabal apologized and told the deputy he was leaving the Masters Golf tournament in Augusta and was traveling to another tournament, Ehsanipoor said.
Olazabal was allowed to follow the deputy to the sheriff’s office where he posted a cash bond of $621 and was released.
Enter Sandman according to The Augusta Chronicle
Richmond County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Gay said Clayton Price Baker, of Ohio, slipped under the ropes following the tournament and attempted to put the sand in his cup.
After a short foot chase by Augusta National security and sheriff’s deputies, Baker was apprehended and charged with disorderly conduct.
Azinger calls Tiger's behavior 'embarrassment to the game' according to Hank Gola of The New York Daily News
“Tiger’s antics this week were an embarrassment to the game, to the membership at Augusta,” Zinger said. “I was really disappointed to see him carry on that way. He’s not trying to endear himself to anybody. And after he won Bay Hill I thought, ‘here we go again, this is going to be Tiger just kicking butt and taking names.’ I don’t know. I thought he acted like the south end of a northbound mule.”
As for Woods’ golf, Azinger said, “I think his brain is full of swing thoughts, not swing feelings."
"He thinks he needs to know it all so he can fix what’s wrong, but that’s not what happened here,” he went on. “When it started to go off he didn’t have a go-to shot, there was nothing he could do. I can’t compare my career to Tiger Woods’ career for sure, but I’ll say this, in the 28 years I’ve played golf for a living I’ve never been as lost as he looked out there.”
Mets bring in a winner...but only for one night Yanimets Yani with Mets catcher Josh Thole. (AP Photo Tweet of the Day

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