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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

With all the bad blood that materialized between Hank Haney and Tiger Woods after Haney's tell-all book on his former student, it's a little suprising that the famed golf coach would defend the current Bay Hill champ on much of anything. However, when a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel asked Haney about Tiger's potential use of performance enhancing drugs, the Haney responded immediately: 

"No, I don't believe Tiger ever did [performance-enhancing drugs]," said Haney, whose book The Big Miss is one of the most intriguing portraits of sports greatness since John Feinstein wrote a A Season on the Brink about Bob Knight. "Tiger works out in the gym like you wouldn't believe. His physical therapist for a long time was a very good friend of mine for over 25 years and has always been clean as a whistle."
The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods
"These aren't just his memories. He doesn't have a patent on them," said Haney. "He doesn't have an exclusive on them. They're my memories, too, and I wanted to be able to share them."
Schwartzel serves up unique Masters dinner menu According to USA Today
[pictured below] 800px-BiltongStokkies1 McIlroy extends partnership with UNICEF announced an extension of his global partnership with UNICEF
"When an organization like UNICEF needs your help to change the future for young people across the world, you jump at the opportunity to get involved," said McIlroy. "I am very fortunate to have a fantastic group of supporters worldwide who I hope will care as much as I do about the survival and development of the children who need our help the most.A branding position became available on my bag and I knew right away that UNICEF was the correct fit," continued McIlroy. "I try to help out whenever I can, and I saw this as an opportunity to give UNICEF some added exposure and hopefully increase awareness for such a great cause."
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