Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson are good friends whose practice-round money matches are often as entertaining as the tournament, but they won’t be paired together at this week’s Presidents Cup, Johnson said at a press conference Tuesday. Johnson and Mickelson lost both times they played together at the 2010 Ryder Cup.

Q. People were expecting more out of you and Phil, your partnership at The Ryder Cup; what happened there and did you expect to play with him again this week? DUSTIN JOHNSON: Me and Phil will not be playing together this week. We do better playing against each other than with each other. We are good buddies, we love playing with each other. But as far as -- you know, some people, you just don't -- as Phil put it, we didn't have that good energy. Q. Is that because you're too similar do you think?  DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, we are, we are very similar. Especially the way we play and stuff. So we just didn't quite mesh well. Best-ball format or something, I think we are all right, you know, we do better when we are playing against each other. Q. Tiger said the same thing. DUSTIN JOHNSON: (Laughing). He probably would. I think you've got to have fun. That's the biggest thing is you've got to have fun out there. You've got to enjoy yourself, whether you're winning or whether you're down, you've still got to have fun and you've still got to just -- you've got to get along with the guy you're playing with. You know, kind of keep your head up, no matter if you're winning or losing, you need to go out and have a good time. I think that's the biggest thing in having a partner, we are all very good and we can all play with each other. If you don't necessarily have fun with the guy you're playing with, then it's just not going to be a good day. Q. Do you have fun together? DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, we do, we have fun together, but we just didn't mesh well as partners. We mesh well as opponents. Q. Any chance of being paired with Tiger?   DUSTIN JOHNSON: That is a possibility. I don't know if we are supposed to be saying who we are playing with yet. Q. What do you think that would be like? DUSTIN JOHNSON: Oh, it would be good. Obviously me and Tiger will be a great team if we do play together. It's up to Captain Couples whether he wants to put us together. But you know, anybody that plays with Tiger is going to be pretty good. He's playing well right now, hitting the ball great and driving it pretty straight. That's kind of what you have to do out here.
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Q. Just on one note away from that. Last night the restaurant bus, did you help direct traffic with Greg? GEOFF OGILVY: Greg was out there, K.J. was out there. There were a few guys out there. It was very impressive. Quite a busy road near the city, Bridge Road. So you know where we were? Q. Yeah. GEOFF OGILVY: He was backing it out onto Bridge Road, which is quite impressive, and K.J. and Greg took control and played policeman and stood out in the road. The bus got out. It was very impressive, actually. Q. How long did it go on for? Greg mentioned it in his press conference. GEOFF OGILVY: 10 or 15 minutes it was one of those cool things that it was cool that it happened earlier in the week because everyone on the bus was laughing, and it's just going to be a funny story to tell along with a lot of other stuff that happens this week. It's fun that it happened early in the week, because it was a fun little incident. Q. Team bonding too? GEOFF OGILVY: I guess that's what happens when everyone gets out of the bus and kind of looks what's going on, and everyone gets back in the bus, and you back the bus up a 300 meter street back out onto a busy road. Guys jumping out of the bus and controlling traffic, it's a story to tell, isn't it?
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