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Monday, October 24, 2011

Yani Tseng’s trip home to Taiwan resulted in her 10th worldwide victory of the year at the LPGA Taiwan Championship. But Yani’s work was far from over. After raking in $300,000 in prize money, the LPGA’s top golfer donated a third of her winnings to Taiwan’s junior golf program. Ryan Ballengee has the story:

Tseng gave $100,000 to Golf Association Republic of China, which helps to train and develop new golfers in the country.
“It is a long road to develop and groom a golfer,” said Tseng. “Young golfers need as much support as possible to help them compete with the best from the rest of the world, in addition to their own commitment and hard work. I hope I can set an example so more people will follow suit to help chip in and contribute to this cause in an attempt to bring out more young talents.”
Golf carts on parade
Resident Olga Banks
“We come straight from church every year.”
Local businessman Nate Otto
"The kids are out here. The people are out here. The vibe is out here. It's just a fun way to spend a day. It doesn't feel like work."

Stableford scoring at Reno Next year's Reno-Tahoe Open will utilize a modified Stableford scoring system in an effort to encourage aggressive play. Dan Hinxman of the Reno-Gazette Journal has the full story:

The 14th annual PGA Tour event, Aug. 2-5 at Montreux Golf and Country Club, will be the only tournament on tour to use the system, which awards points for birdies and eagles and deducts points for bogeys and worse.
"The PGA Tour believes there is merit to this format for Reno," Andy Pazder, the tour's vice president and chief of operations, said in a release. "The modified Stableford system not only promotes aggressive play, which the tournament is already known for, but Montreux lends itself well to this exciting format with its series of challenging finishing holes."
"This is an absolutely a momentous occasion in the history of this tournament," RTO executive director Jana Smoley said. "This is a change that truly sets us apart from other tournaments and is just one more reason why people will come out to see us next year at Montreux. We're very excited to see how this new scoring format plays out in 2012."
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