By petedirenzo
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tiger Woods missed the cut at the PGA Championship, and fresh off his worst showing of the season, we asked our Top 100 Teachers if Fred Couples should select Woods for his Presidents Cup team in November. Below are the results --and some memorable quotes from the teachers. What do you think? Should Freddy pick Tiger? Leave your vote in the comments section below. Should U.S. captain Fred Couples select Tiger Woods for the Presidents Cup team? YES: 20% NO: 80%
"God no!" - Rod Lidenberg
"I love to watch him play, and I think the game needs Tiger. The fans need Tiger. He is like the Miami Heat. It's just as fun to root for them as it is to root against them." -Eden Foster
"Tiger needs a big break. Other players deserve to play." - Jim McLean
"Only reason to pick him is to pump up TV ratings." - Jon Tattersall
"We need to field our best current players. Tiger is not one of the best 12 American players today. No way." - J.D. Turner
"There are other great young stars that deserve the chance. Tiger had his chance; he made the wrong choices!" - Craig Shankland
"He's not one of the top 50 players in our country at this point." - Steve Bosdosh
"Right now, he is nothing more than a distraction to a team concept." - Jim Suttie
"After being last in driving at Firestone, and a pretty poor PGA Championship, nothing in that golf swing shows me that he is ready to play." - Eric Johnson
"Friends or no friends, put the best team together and let them play." - Nancy Quarcelino
"I think his presence would adversely affect both the U.S. team's camaraderie and performance." - Dom DiJulia
"Tiger isn't getting any more freebees. The respect is done and over. He has to earn it just like he did when he came on Tour." - Shawn Humphries
"Tiger hasn't earned it with his play the last two years, and it's not fair to take a spot away from someone who has." - Brian Mogg
"You've got to be kidding me. That would be like the New York Mets rewarding people for what they did in the past, not for what they are doing now or in the future." - Mike Adams
"Yes! I would not trade him for a bluegrass farm!" - Mike Perpich
"Golf is a sport based on current performance, not past reputation." - Bryan Gathright

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