By petedirenzo
Monday, August 15, 2011

With Keegan Bradley breaking the long putter's drought in majors at the PGA Championship, the long-running debate over whether long and belly putters belong in the game is back in the spotlight. Here's where some of the game's biggest names stand on the issue, but as you'll see, where you stand depends on how you putt: Tom Watson in 2010: “I would get rid of this big broom putter. That’s not a stroke.”Lee Janzen in 2004: "My take is no putter should be anchored to the body. I have no hard feelings toward anyone who uses one. I just don't think they should be legal." Frank Lickliter in 2004: "Cheatin' [bleeps]. It turns people with no clue how to roll the ball into adequate putters -- I can't wait for the USGA to outlaw it.” Arnold Palmer in 2003: “I think they are unfair.” Legendary golf scribe Dan Jenkins in 2011: “I loathe and despise the long putter with every fiber in my body.” Tiger Woods in 2003: "I thought the art of putting is to try and figure out how to swing both arms. Anything fixed, I don't think that's right.” Future long putter user Ernie Els in 2004: "I think they should be banned. Nerves and the skill of putting are part of the game. You know, take a tablet if you can't handle it." Future long putter user Adam Scott to The Australian in 2004: "I have no problem with guys using them as they are within the rules of golf, but I don't think that you should be allowed to rest any club against any other part of your body. It can't be a true swing of a club or a true stroke of the putter if you are resting it against your body and it's for that reason I agree the belly putter should be banned.

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