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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past couple of days, you already know that Tiger Woods has fired his longtime caddie Steve Williams, breaking up one of the most successful player/looper teams in the history of professional golf. Here are some of the hottest topics coming off of the Tiger/Stevie split. The FalloutAs with every celebrity breakup, the public has been licking its collective lips waiting to hear from the aggrieved party. After a short statement on his website on Wednesday, Stevie Williams finally gave his full story in an interview on television New Zealand. Here are some of the choicest bits:

"I've stuck with Tiger and been incredibly loyal. I'm not disappointed I've been fired - that's part of the job - but the timing is extraordinary.
"I am extremely disappointed, given that the last 18 months has been a particularly difficult time," Williams continued.
"With the scandals, a new coach, a swing change, I've stuck with him through thick and thin and been incredibly loyal - and then this happens.
"I, along with a lot of people, lost a lot of respect for Tiger [over his extra-marital affairs] and I pointed out before his return at the Masters at Augusta in 2010 that he had to earn back my respect.
"Through time I hope he can gain my respect back. He definitely needs to earn my respect again, that's for sure."
The Book New Zealand News 3
"I've always mantainted that when I finish my caddying career, I would like to write a book. It'll just be one of those interesting chapters in the book."
"I'm a big fan of autobiographies. You learn a lot from reading those sort of things and mine won't be any different."
Tiger's next caddie?
breaks down some possible caddie-archetypes
"Tiger has such a high golf IQ that he's not that difficult to work for on the golf course. There isn't much you're gonna have to do. He's so smart on the course I truly believe he could've won at least 13 of his majors with you on the bag."
ready to lay down the lines
Online sportsbooks have already posted odds for Tiger’s next caddy and Billy Foster (5/2) leads the pack over Williams’ predecessor, Mike "Fluff" Cowan (9/2). Cowan was with Woods until 1999.
Ricci Roberts (5/1) is next followed by Tony Navarro (11/2), who some experts believe has the inside edge on becoming the next caddy for Tiger Woods. Navarro caddied seven years for Scott until he was dismissed earlier this season.
Out since The Players in May, Tiger has not announced when he plans to return to the Tour and while we’re not much for rumors, speculation is our business – especially when the price is right. At odds of +550 for better, we’ll go with Navarro as our pick for Tiger’s next caddy.
WEEI in Boston talked to Brad Faxon
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