Monday, June 27, 2011

The Daily Mail online reports that police in Northern Ireland will reopen their investigation of the 1972 murder of Rory McIlroy’s great uncle during the “Troubles,” the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland between mainly Catholic republicans and Protestant loyalists.

The PSNI [Police Service of Northern Ireland] has confirmed that it is re-investigating the sectarian murder of Rory McIlroy’s great-uncle Joseph, who was murdered for moving into a protestant area of East Belfast.
The 1972 killing – in which Joe was shot through his kitchen door as he fixed a washing machine – is among the hundreds of unsolved murders being re-examined by a PSNI review team.
Some loyalist fans in the North have claimed the disappearance of the flag as a victory for their cause, others have confirmed that the Catholic McIlroy has no interest in the politics of Northern Ireland’s past.
His parents Gerry and Rosie are both Catholics. Gerry’s father Jimmy, the first McIlroy to grace the fairways of Holywood golf club, was one of the first Catholics to work in the Harlaand and Wolf shipyard.
Larry David on the Five Stages of Golf in The New Yorker Curb Your Enthusiasm a humor piece in The New Yorker
My first stage: Anger. There was a time when I was always angry on the course. Driving fast in the cart. Throwing clubs. Constantly berating myself. “You stink, four-eyes! You stink at everything. You can’t even open a bottle of wine! You can’t swipe a credit card at the drugstore! You can’t swipe. And you’ve never even been to the Guggenheim. The Guggenheim! And call your parents, you selfish bastard!” Then I’d walk off the course and vow never to play again, only to return the following week for more of the same.
October 2010 issue of Golf Magazine
If there’s an afterlife, and I come face to face with the Big Guy, I think he’ll look at me and say, “Golf? Really? That’s what you did for 80 years? You idiot!”
Women golfers can make horrible music videos too Golf Boys’ “Oh Oh Oh” video

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