Facebook Poll: Is the Tiger Woods era over?

Is the Tiger Woods era over?
That’s the question on everybody’s mind after Rory McIlroy’s storybook win at the U.S. Open was followed by yet another tweet from Tiger Woods announcing he’d miss yet another event, this week’s AT&T National, a tournament that raises money for Tiger's foundation.
The media have already moved on to Rory-mania, but we wanted to see what you thought, so we put some poll questions on our Facebook page. The results? You haven’t given up completely on Tiger, but we’ll probably see some TW-logoed hats and shirts in the discount bin this summer.

Do you think Tiger is finished as a dominant force in major championships? He’s finished: 57 percent He’s not done yet: 43 percent Is a healthy Tiger Woods still the best player in golf? Yes: 39 percent No: 61 percent How many more majors will Tiger win? None: 48 percent One: 2 percent Two: 15 percent Three: 3 percent Four: 3 percent Five: 24 percent Six or More: 5 percent Will Tiger Woods break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors? Yes: 33 percent No: 67 percent Will Tiger Woods (No. 17) ever pass Rory McIlroy (No. 3) in the world rankings?  Yes: 53 percent No: 47 percent We also created a Discussion Board on Facebook. Here are some highlights from the conversation: Eric Griffith: Not saying that he cannot or will not win another major, but Tiger being a DOMINANT player in each of the four majors is over with. Too many things going on in his head, too many swing changes, and the fact that he is getting older is not going to help him get back on track. Ethan Culver: When he comes back healthy, it won't be long before his game returns. He was steadily improving and the 2nd and final rounds of the Masters showed he's still got it. He will win lots of more tournaments and a few more majors in his career. Analisa Ocana Albert: He is done. Here's why: 1) He no longer putts like he used to, and no longer makes the putts he always made when he had to make them. 2) His ballstriking has never been good enough to make up for a now balky putter. 3) His left knee is trashed and will only get worse. 4) His mental prowess has taken a thrashing when he was beaten by Y.E. Yang in the PGA of '09, at his own tournament last December by McDowell, and at this year's Masters when he missed those 3-foot putts on Sunday at 12 and 15, which would have never happened before. 5) There are now more gifted younger players than ever who are simply not intimidated by him (witness the Masters when many players blew by him in the final round despite his front-nine 30, and the maturing of guys like Rory and Jason Day). As for breaking Jack's record, he stands no chance when you take all of these factors into consideration, as well as the fact that no golfer aside from Nicklaus himself won three majors after the age of 35. And Nicklaus never had any health issues. And finally, who really cares, as Tiger is a complete jerk --- selfish, zero class on the golf course, and even less off of it. Daniel Broad: No way, too many Physical and mental problems. I wouldn't want to see him top Nicklaus' record. Tiger has no class. Always a griping, surly, sore loser on the course. Nicklaus, Palmer, Watson and Lefty are always gentlemen---win , lose or draw. WillowBend1525: From the heart, I'm rooting for Tiger to come back better than ever. He made golf popular again when it was just an old man sport. Even nongolfers were watching to see him win or to see if he could be beat. Only time will tell if his knee problems can be overcome. But I say YES. Tiger will be back as the dominant force in golf by next year! Gerard Harrington: It really depends on Tiger's ability to regain full fitness. His left knee must be given enough time to fully heal as anything short of 95% is just not good enough in today's power game. I have no doubt that Tiger has the spirit, innate talent and steely determination to eventually reach Jack's total and take his place as golf's all-time number one. Evan Tucker: People seem to forget that Tiger, in this era, has done extremely well in majors, messed up life or not. Regular golfers don't come back from a six-month break and finish T4 at the Masters. Regular golfers don't almost win the Masters on one healthy leg. Tiger Woods is still the most gifted golfer out there. It’s great that McIlroy won but the Masters meltdown and PGA fiasco don't go away.

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