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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tiger Who? Tiger Woods officially dropping out of the U.S. Open was certainly news, but the severity of his injuries and the poor quality of his recent play made the news somewhat predictable. After Woods's announcement was met with more shrugs than shouts, John Paul Newport of the Wall Street Journal wonders if we just don't care as much as we used to about Tiger.

The surprise is how little it seems to matter. There won’t be massive hand-wringing in Far Hills, N.J., the home of the U.S. Golf Association, which sponsors the U.S. Open. The likelihood of Woods not contending for the trophy at Congressional Country Club, whether he showed up or not, had already been factored into the price (to borrow a term from investing).
In fact,it’s a toss-up as to exactly whose non-participation at this year’s Open makes for a more intriguing story — Woods’s or Vijay Singh’s. Singh failed even to show up for his qualifying round Monday, and thus will miss his first major in 64 consecutive events (dating from 1994), the longest active streak in golf.
Another "American" Tour? looking to score bigger
For the last 18 months, officials have been meeting with golf federations of several countries with hopes of starting a PGA Tour-branded circuit in South America, Latin America and the Caribbean.
It would help develop local talent and provide another avenue for any player to find his way to the big leagues. Think of it as a tour that would be one step below the Nationwide Tour.
And while there remain significant details to work out — not only finding an umbrella sponsor, but the number of tournaments and eligibility criteria — the plan is for this series to begin as early as 2012.
Worst...Week...Ever. roller coaster was just beginning
On Tuesday, Ramsay was able to turn that frown upside-down – for a little while. And here’s where the story gets weirder.
In the morning, a report came out saying Ramsay got into the US Open after all by virtue of being first alternate from that qualifier. This afternoon, though, Doug Ferguson reports that was an error.
"USGA spokesman Pete Kowalski had said Tuesday morning that two extra spots were given to qualifying sites in England and Japan, and Ramsay would be going to Congressional for the U.S. Open next week. Kowalski later clarified that those spots already had been awarded, and Ramsay remains first alternate out of the England sectional qualifier. The extra spot already had been awarded to Andreas Harto of Denmark."
Well, he’s in, he’s out. Sounds like a guy at a wedding with cold feet.
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