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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

While most professional golfers are preparing for the U.S. Open, 22-year old superstar Rory McIlroy is in Haiti to see the relief efforts first hand. McIlroy spent his first day at a school in Port au Prince that was devastated by last year's earthquake, but has since been reconstructed. He also visited a nutrition and health clinic, which left quite an impression on the young Ulsterman. 

“The chance that these children are getting to be kids and enjoy themselves is so important for their well-being. Being here at this child-friendly space gives them the chance to play with their friends and enjoy themselves – helping them escape for a little while every day from the difficult situations they are growing up in. Nothing could prepare me for meeting the children in Haiti and I am truly amazed by how happy they are. The everyday things that we take for granted at home in Ireland are so longed for in Haiti.”
Stricker Says Tiger and Phil are Still Top Draws in Golf still doesn't feel he's ready to take the spotlight from the game's biggest stars
“I think where Tiger and Phil are at, they’re still the biggest draws in golf. We can’t take that away from them,” he said. “I think we all still tune in to golf – I know I do – just to see how Tiger and Phil are going to play. To see whether Tiger’s going to get his game back, see what he’s doing. I still think that provides a lot of interest, and it also opens up the door, like you said, for a lot of other people. I think it was good when Tiger was winning because people wanted to see that, but I think also, on this end of it too, they’re still tuning in to see what those two guys are going to do.”
“I really want to text Tiger and say, where are you? What happened? I haven’t got the courage to do that yet.”
To Play or Not to Play ... In a recent phone conversation before the Memorial Tournament
“Tiger called me” on May 27th, Nicklaus said. “He said, ‘I’m still hobbling, and I don’t know whether I’m going to make the U.S. Open or not.’ ”
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