Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tiger not worth IMG's trouble? Tiger Woods's agent, Mark Steinberg, split with IMG last week, and details of the fallout are slowly trickling out. The latest news describes the revenue IMG lost after several of Woods's big-money sponsors bailed in the aftermath of Tiger's sex scandals. Steve Elling of CBS Sports cites a Sports Business Journal report, and concludes that that Tiger-Steiny duo were simply too pricey for the agency to keep around.

In a scenario that some had posed last week, potentially casting aside Tiger Woods as a client won't exactly take a heavy toll at IMG, the sports-management giant that has represented the fading former No. 1 since he turned pro in 1996.
Woods and his agent apparently were too expensive to keep.
According to a report in Sports Business Journal, the income generated by Woods for IMG had fallen to $1.1 million in 2010, after the sex scandal had hit, and that wasn't nearly enough to offset the contract and annnual bonuses of his longtime agent, Mark Steinberg.
Steinberg's contract was up for renewal and last week, but IMG severed ties rather than renew.
IMG agreed to a reduced percentage with Woods on his endorsement earnings, and as his deals disappeared in the wake of his scandal and lackluster play, the income dollars dwindled. The source cited in the SBJ report stated that IMG cleared $7.8 million on Woods' endorsement earnings in 2007 but that the number cratered after the scandals hit and he lost rich deals with Gatorade, AT&T, Accenture and others.
The source told SBJ that Steinberg "would have made about $3 million this year in salary and bonuses, significantly more than the fees Woods would have generated."
Bruins great Ray Bourque congratulates Boston fan Keegan Bradley on first victory Wei Under Par has an inside look
Keegan grew up in Woodstock, Vermont, and Hopkington, Massachusetts, so he's naturally a Boston-sports fanatic. He played Borque's voicemail, which was nearly two-minutes long, for me, and it's pretty cool. Here's Bourque going into fan-boy mode!
"This is Ray Bourque. I used to play on the Boston Bruins. I'm a big fan of yours. I'm not sure if you know who I am, but I'm a golfer…I was watching today and congratulations on a great win and you're off to a great start.
I've been in the sporting business and I know how you must feel and you should be so proud and just keep doing what you're doing…You gotta be dedicated and working hard and doing all those things that you need to do to be the best. Just enjoy this moment and keep going forward, buddy…
I can't wait to meet you…Have a great night and I'm babbling now. I'm also a Bruin, so let's go Bruins. Maybe we'll have a few things to celebrate. Not only your win today, but the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup."
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