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Thursday, May 19, 2011

He's injured, winless since November 2009 and about to fall out of the top 10 in the Official World Golf Rankings, but Tiger Woods is still the most powerful athlete in the world, according to Forbes magazine's latest rankings of the most powerful celebrities. Woods ranks No. 6 overall, only behind Elton John, U2, Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga.
Showing the staggering amount of money in golf, Phil Mickelson comes in at No. 35 and ahead of A-listers Jay-Z (38), Jerry Seinfeld (40), Adam Sandler (41), Brad Pitt (45) and Jennifer Lopez (50).
The rankings aren't calculated on earnings alone. Forbes based its "power" rankings on other factors such as TV/radio, press and social media. Is Tiger Toast?It seems after his WD from the Players last week, the number of people thinking Tiger will pass Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors is growing smaller and smaller.'s Steve Elling is the latest to go on record saying it's very unlikely Woods will pass Nicklaus, or even break Sam Snead's record of 82 PGA Tour wins.

For the first time, after 20 months on the fence as Woods' cataclysmic career trajectory and personal life have morphed into the stuff of morbid curiosity, it's at last become clear that he's too beaten down, too beaten up and just plain too easy to beat.
For many of us on the fence regarding his future, it became jarringly clear last week that Woods is never going to break the decades-old records of Jack Nicklaus or Sam Snead.
By any definition of the word, Woods has pulled up, lame. Fate has wrecked what we once considered a fait accompli.
Some will find an immediate sense of satisfaction and comfort in that sentiment, in that the game's monumental marks for total victories and Grand Slam wins are safe from his pillaging. On this end, it's more akin to gradual resignation. He first lost his moral compass and reputation -- now his golf game and health are both pointed due south. What's left? It didn't sneak up on anybody, really. It's just that the preponderance of evidence hit home as Woods ponderously walked the TPC Sawgrass course last week, trailing 100 yards behind his ambulatory playing partners. How can he run when he can't even walk, or when, in each of his last two starts, he's injured himself hitting mundane golf shots?
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