Charles Barkley breaks driver with tee shot at Shoal Creek

Warning: Don’t watch this if you need to swing a golf club this weekend.
So much to enjoy here from the Champions Tour Regions Tradition pro-am on Wednesday. Fuzzy Zoeller looking at the driver head and asking Barkley, "Charles, you playing a black Nike?" Barkley claiming that his driver was "frozen" from his flight because he didn't use a travel bag. But have some sympathy for the big guy. As Jack McCallum wrote in Golf Magazine last year, it's not at all fun for Barkley:

Here’s the truth: He’s not faking. He’s that bad. And he does not enjoy playing poorly. It tears him up inside, and the man has strong insides. He is the uber-model for all who have Lost It. He is the ultimate Golf Victim.
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by Kevin Cunningham