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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pimento Pickle In a developing story from Tracey McManus at Augusta Magazine, patrons at golf's most celebrated tournament were shocked and confused Tuesday morning, as one of the essential elements of Masters weekend seemed to have mysteriously vanished.

Shelves with one of the staples of the Masters experience, the pimento cheese sandwich, were empty.
The severe thunderstorm that came through Augusta around 3:30 a.m. caused a power outage at the production center for pimento and egg sandwiches.
Around lunchtime, only the concession stand near the patron corridor had any of the coveted sandwiches on their menu...
As power was restored Tuesday, vendors expected enough pimento cheese to go around for the rest of the week.
Poulter Pokes the Tiger The Guardian unafraid to put his head in the Tiger's mouth
No one has ever accused Ian Poulter of lacking opinions and they are unlikely to do so now after the Englishman's latest pronouncement on Tiger Woods's prospects for this week's Masters."I don't think he'll finish in the top five," said the world's 16th-ranked player with a frankness that has become as much a trademark as his taste in pink trousers. "The shots he was hitting at Doral [the venue for the recent world golf championship, in which Woods finished 10th] were very inconsistent. You can't afford to hit shots like that on this golf course [Augusta National] and get away with it. I don't think you want to rely on your short game that much around this place.Some will praise Poulter for his honesty – he was, after all, only saying what plenty of other people around Augusta National this week have been thinking – but others will point out that while the "inconsistent" Woods finished 10th at Doral last month, the Englishman could only finish in a tie for 45th place.

"Well, Poulter is always right, isn't he?" he said. "My whole idea is to win the golf tournament. I've prepared with a view to peaking four times a year and that hasn't changed."
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