Monday, February 21, 2011

The Tavistock Cup pits Tour pros from Orlando’s Isleworth gated community against the nearby Lake Nona gated community; a better name might be the Let Them Eat Cake Open. Lake Nona has boasted stars like Ernie Els, Retief Goosen and Sergio Garcia since the event’s 2004 inception, while Isleworth has had Stewart Appleby, Charles Howell III and Tiger Woods. However, Woods, who is an Isleworth resident until he moves into his James Bond villain hideout on Jupiter Island, might be changing sides this year, according to The Orlando Sentinel

Woods is a co-investor — along with Tavistock Group and Ernie Els — in the new luxury community rising in the Bahamas, making him eligible to be plucked from red-clad Isleworth in the Cup's version of an expansion draft. Albany and England's Queenwood Golf Club join the competition this year, giving even more of an international scope to the all-Orlando showdown between Lake Nona and Isleworth touring pros.The two-day event begins March 14 at Isleworth.
Ian Poulter, a homeowner at both Lake Nona and Albany, disclosed in a Twitter post last week he is changing sides and noted Woods would be an Albany teammate.
McDowell aces poker game, world rankings in the Official World Golf Rankings

McDowell's Twitter feed
Poker update- I was chip leader for a long time but finished 2nd. My caddy Kenny Comboy took the loot. Henrik and Poults battled out for 3rd
here Human target practice helps Compton shoot 64
SI Golf Plus contributor Stephanie Wei of WeiUnderPar
I noticed his caddie was standing in the line of fire … and catching the shots hit near him with a towel. I asked, "Did he give you the wrong yardage today or something?"
“No, I’m trying to figure out my yardages,” explained Compton. “I haven’t played in a while, so I don’t know my distances. I keep feeling like I’m going to fly the green.”
After about 20 balls, Compton switched clubs and hollered, “130!” His caddie walked back ten yards.
Compton also said he hasn’t been working with a swing coach in the last year, saying he’s just been “trying to get back to swing.”
“I’m trying to keep my arms closer to my body (through impact),” Compton said. “I think I’ve been pulling across (in my downswing) and the ball has been going left."
Riviera’s seventh hole was end of the road for Fred Couples
Q. What went wrong? FRED COUPLES: You know, I hit a poor shot on 6 and then drove it in that stuff on 7. We were lucky to find it. Then when I hit it out of there, I just didn't feel the same after that. I didn't really hurt myself, but I never hit a shot, and I just got it around. I mean, I couldn't hit an iron. I hit a few good drives, but I was like afraid to hit the ground, hitting it that hard out of that stuff. But again, I did get off to a good start, and that was where it ended. Q. Were you worried about that when you saw your ball and knew it was in there? FRED COUPLES: Well, I knew it wouldn't feel very good, but nothing bad happened, I just didn't feel at all. I started snap-hooking them and didn't hit it very far. I hit a drive on 18 and it didn't go anywhere, then I snap-hooked it on 9. I started getting outdriven by 20, 30 yards, and I did hit a couple good ones, but it just was rough. It's nothing bad, I'm not having any excuse. It's just after that point I never hit a shot.
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