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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can college basketball do what an enormous prize check seemingly can't? In his 14-year pro career, Tiger Woods has made exactly zero appearances at the Shell Houston Open, but as Chris Baldwin of CultureMap Houston points out, this year there is more than just golf to draw Tiger's attention.

Could the Final Four prompt Tiger Woods to play in the Houston Open for the first time ever? You can bet the question's being asked (and prayed on) by Shell Open officials...
Tiger's a courtside regular at Orlando Magic games and while he hasn't shown quite the same love for college basketball as he has the NBA in the past, it's no stretch to imagine him looking at a chance to attend the Final Four as a nice perk in his Masters prep. After his first winless season in 14 years on the PGA Tour, Tiger already will probably be more open to the idea of breaking up his long-held routines and playing the week before a major (the Houston Shell Open is the tournament immediately preceding Augusta).
The Final Club Frontier? about 1.1 billion of them
Identifying India's potential as one of the top three markets in Asia for it, golf equipment maker Callaway Golf Co today said it will continue to invest in the country for the next 3-5 years before it looks to break even here.
"We will continue to invest in India for the next 3-5 years," Callaway Golf Company President (International) Thomas T Yang told PTI when asked by when the Indian operations would break-even. Globally a $1 billion company, Callaway gets more than 50 per cent of business from markets outside the US. Citing China's example, which is another area of focus for the company, Yang said that after four years of continuous investments being made in the country, China operations have "already started giving financial returns".
Yang declined to comment on sales in India but said: "Given the growth of the economy, aspiring middle class and infrastructural developments, India might just surprise us."
Taken for a Ride

It's kind of a fun little ad, but for me it raises the question of whether that's actually Rickie doing the stunt on that dirt-bike (minus the CGI ball). If that's a stunt-double, isn't this ad incredibly lame? If it's not (and by all accounts Fowler is a fantastic rider and could likely pull off those tricks) isn't Puma out of its mind to risk injuring one of its biggest assets like that, especially one who has already been badly injured in a dirt-bike accident? Tweet of the DayThis Twit pic of a freshly shaven Hunter Mahan, newly married to Kandi, has been making the rounds this morning. Mahan  
The shirt would make the picture by itself, but has Hunter Mahan always looked so much like this guy?

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