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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gophers Under FireYou have to imagine that the University of Minnesota was somewhat relieved last year when Katie Brenny, an assistant golf coach who was feeling increasingly marginalized in her position, took a severance package and resigned from her post. Unfortunately for them, that wasn't the end of the story. According to Golfweek, the Golden Gophers are staring down the wrong end of a very serious (if not bank-breaking) lawsuit.

Katie Brenny, who resigned last fall after two months as women’s golf coach at Minnesota, served a lawsuit Jan. 11 against the university, claiming that as a lesbian she faced discrimination from director of golf John Harris. The 14-page complaint, which Brenny’s attorney, Donald Chance Mark Jr., said would be filed Jan. 12 in Hennepin County District Court in Minneapolis, cites the Minnesota Human Rights Act in seeking damages “in excess of $50,000’’ as determined by state statute.
"Almost as soon as I arrived in Minnesota, I was not permitted to carry out the duties of the position, and I was denied the opportunity to coach the team," Brenny said. "This included my not being permitted to travel with the team to the four tournaments scheduled for the fall. The atmosphere that was created became more and more hostile, to the point where it made it intolerable for me to even perform the limited administrative duties that had been reassigned to me. While I was never given an explanation for why I was treated this way, I later learned that I was discriminated against because of my gender and sexual preference."

John Harris, director of golf for the university, and Joel Maturi, the athletic director, declined to comment for the article. "I can't comment on any of it," Harris said. "This thing will all play out, but I can't comment on it now.’’

Super EgoThe U.K.'s Telegraph has been known to pull a punch, even on the Brits, so it's no surprise that their list of the top 10 egos in sports lists everyone from Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan to cricketer Kevin Pietersen (the English team captain). What may (or may not) surprise you is who they put at the top of their list.

Nick Faldo, golf. Even in the singular and self-satisfied world of professional golf, Faldo remains notoriously fond of himself...'I've never known Nick," said Sandy Lyle in 2002. "If he walked past me right now, he wouldn't stop to talk. He wouldn't even say hello."
Addicted to Golf Something About Mary interview with
She explained, "I've been golfing for about eight years but I hadn't golfed for, like, three years until recently... because it's kind of like crack cocaine to me... I'm getting my clubs fitted... and I'm very excited."
this was a good idea Tweet of the Day
Gonzalez @Andres_Gonzales: By the way...I got a fresh bill with Mr. Washington on the front for people that withdraw from Sony. Throw me a bone.

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