Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Former World No. 1 and Twitter newbie Tiger Woods gave his online fans a treat Tuesday afternoon when he spent about 45 minutes answering fans’ questions on Twitter. Lest anyone think it wasn’t actually Woods answering the questions, he even posted a picture of himself at the computer. Tiger_tweets
Here are some highlights from the session. ‘RT’ means re-tweet, so Woods is giving his answer followed by his re-tweet of the original question. Yup, he’s a fast learner. The famously terse Woods also appears to have no problem keeping his responses within Twitter's 140-character limit.

During round I eat peanut&banana sandwich & almonds RT: @macrod01 Hey -- What's the best pre-round meal and "in the bag" snacks/food? Thnx.
Steep and deep. RT: @HunterMahan @TigerWoods Hahahaha. Have you made a complete turn yet?
As Al Davis said "Just win baby" RT: @mwheeler22 @TigerWoods ..yo tiger, what are your 2011 goals on the PGA tour?
St. Andrews. RT: @Justin_PRGuy @TigerWoods what's your favorite course and why?
Single digit handicap with a nasty hook. RT: @billyfennelly I know that you have caddied for Stevie before, how good of a golfer is he?
More majors than the other. RT: @FMinorLP U and Roger Federer are competing to see who wins the most majors, what does the winner get?
Stanford in the National Championship Game RT: @Michelleannette so what does the man who can buy anything want for Christmas
Basketball. RT: @WeberN @TigerWoods if you could play any other sport, what would it be?
No movie compares to Caddyshack. RT: @MrCree2 Coming to America or Hangover?
Lakers, Dodgers, Raiders RT: @jmandel2 Favorite team to root for (besides Stanford)?
EVERYTHING. RT: @Michael_Necci What part of your game are looking forward to in 2011?
CNBC business reporter Darren Rovell
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