Friday, October 22, 2010

Anthony Kim's withdrawal due to his "thumb injury" at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open had many questioning whether reports of Kim's partying in Las Vegas was the real reason behind the WD. However, Chris DiMarco knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, according to Fox 5 News Las Vegas.

Kim had a 7 a.m. tee time Wednesday, the official word from the tournament director and the PGA tour is that Kim withdrew because of a thumb injury. His spot in the tournament was filled by tour veteran Chris DiMarco, who had a message for the no-show.

"I'd like to thank Anthony Kim for either staying out too late or gambling too much -- I don't know what it was -- I'm glad I got in," DiMarco said.

FoxSports Robert Lusitech has a must-read column

Anthony Kim is a train wreck, as he's proven yet again by pulling out of this week's Las Vegas Open.

Everyone on the PGA Tour knows Kim's an out-of-control party animal – or, as one multiple winner told me, "just a punk" – though only Robert Allenby has had the cajones to publicly call him out.

Nicklaus says No. 1 ranking 'doesn't mean anything' The Palm Beach Post

...Nicklaus never was ranked the world's No. 1 player because the computer rankings didn't exist until 1986 - the year of his last major championship win, at age 46.

Nicklaus doesn't feel like he missed out on anything because he can't figure out how the world rankings work.

"I don't think it means anything," Nicklaus said Wednesday. "How could it mean a lot? Tiger (Woods) is No. 1 and hasn't won a tournament all year. To me whoever is playing the best right now is the No. 1 player, not a bunch of computer rankings."

Mass. high School golfer DQ'd for wearing iPod according to The Worcester Telegram

The Rockets shot 321 and edged Groton-Dunstable by three strokes at Highfields Golf and Country Club, but then had to toss out senior Matt Carville's 6-over 78 after he was disqualified for listening to his iPod during the final two holes.

A "Coaches and Players Responsibilities" rules sheet states, "No electronic devices (including cell phones) allowed on course (penalty disqualification)," and the rules sheet was read to coaches at an 8:30 a.m. meeting, according to tournament director Ron Spakauskas, who said he asked coaches to pass along the information to their players before they teed off.

"The rules are clear," he said. "No electronic devices are allowed. It was headphones connected to a device. They were reported. Both the coach and the player were notified, and they accepted the penalty."

The Telegram

The MIAA rule, Spakauskas said, was put in place to avoid unnecessary distractions and speed up play. The rule — which also bans cell phones, cameras, texting devices and other music players — was included on a list of "Coaches and Players Responsibilities" distributed before Tuesday's event.

"We're doing everything we can to look out for the players' safety," Spakauskas said. "Obviously, this was a unique situation, but any player using an electronic device on the course potentially puts himself in a dangerous situation. That's what we're trying to avoid."

players are allowed to listen to music on an iPad during their round Stray Shots: Arnold Palmer Via The Houston Chronicle Colin Montgomerie Via The Scotland Daily Record Sergio Garcia Via

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