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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anthony Kim has promised to cut down on his partying ways, but apparently that doesn't mean he's going to become a homebody. AK is in Las Vegas for Justin Timberlake's tournament this week and, according to Norm Clarke of The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the young Tour star is making his presence known...loudly.

Pro golfer Anthony Kim could use a lesson or two to brush up his gaming table etiquette.
His salty language and screaming was so bad that Kim, 25, was asked to tone it down Monday by Bellagio management.
"He is one loose cannon," said a dealer, who said Kim may have set a personal record for F-bombs while playing high-stakes craps over the weekend.
Kim and poker superstar Phil Ivey were seated at the same table on Friday, ordering cognac and high-end whiskey.
Tiger's missing club thinks he knows why
Ian Baker-Finch calls it the 15th club.
It's what made Tiger Woods arguably the greatest player the game has seen, allowing him to run roughshod over opponents for most of his career.
But according to Baker-Finch, Woods won't be armed with his 15th club when he returns to Australia in less than three weeks to defend the Masters.
"I think Tiger will come back to the same level of performance we have seen him at over the years -- I don't think it will take him long," Baker-Finch said.
"I don't think he will ever be the player he was before because he had a 15th club in the bag.
"He knew he was the best and he knew everyone else knew he was the best, and I think that was a big thing."
bribe appearance fee Woods gets IMG boss says he bet on Vijay, not against Tiger billionaire Teddy Forstmann
Forstmann, Agate says, had a massive and nasty gambling habit (wagering millions over the years), he was dipping into IMG company funds to pay off loses; Forstmann bet against IMG's clients, including Tiger Woods...
In terms of betting against Tiger Woods, one of IMG's biggest clients, Forstmann said he can disprove Agate allegation. Woods, he explained, was playing Vijay Singh at the Masters, and he placed a bet through Agate on Singh because Singh was a personal friend.
"This guy is making it sound like I'm betting against Tiger Woods," Forstmann said. "Vijay is my friend for many years and I bet maybe $5,000 on him winning the Masters. It was a 15, 20-to-1 shot and I would have felt like a genius if he won."

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