By petedirenzo
Friday, October 08, 2010

 Forget "Boom baby!" The biggest Internet sensation spawned from the 2010 Ryder Cup is the mustachioed, cigar chomping, Miguel Angel Jimenez wannabe frozen in immortality by British photographer Mark Pain. Over the course of the week, "Cigar Guy," as he's become known, has morphed from oddball golf fan to cult hero—a muse to Photoshoppers, political bloggers, and rappers alike.

Amazingly, CG is everywhere, but nowhere to be found. Despite his burgeoning Q-rating, he has yet to reveal his identity, which has only further stoked the viral wildfire. Who is Cigar Guy (assuming he's not comedian Sacha Baron Cohen)? Does he know he's the man of the pop-culture minute? And, if so, why has he not yet given Matt Lauer an exclusive? Man up, Cigar Dude! The world needs to hear your story. (One blog is even willing to pay for it.)
In the meantime, here's how to delight your friends at the neighborhood Halloween party. Lucky fan recovers McDowell's Ryder Cup ballThe identity of Cigar Man may remain a mystery, but not so the fortunate recipient of the ball Ryder Cup hero Graeme McDowell used in the closing moments of his gripping singles match with Hunter Mahan. While chatting with the press near the 18th green after his win over Mahan, McDowell tossed his orb into a scrum of fans; it was retrieved by Englishman Adrian Howe and his buddy Mick, the BBC reports.

"I went to catch it, fumbled it a little bit, landed on the floor and me and Mick grappled with it," Adrian told BBC WM.
their counterparts in baseball
"We're not sure how much it would be worth and it's something we wouldn't sell for a couple of hundred pounds," he said.
  Dr. Trump's Scottish course shaping up beyond his "wildest expectations" the possibility of a President Trump
"We are about four months in and we have done a tremendous amount of work. The back nine is largely shaped and that was probably the more difficult of the two in terms of shaping. I'm just getting a little glimpse of it now.
"The people love what we're doing. They love that I'm spending hundreds of millions of pounds on doing it. They love the fact that I'm creating a lot of jobs for the area and for Scotland.
"And I think, more than anything else, what they are going to love is we are creating the greatest golf course anywhere in the world because of this unbelievable piece of land.
"...It is turning out to be even more magnificent than I thought. It is turning out beyond my wildest expectations."

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