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Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't write Stack and Tilt's obit just yet. The swing system non grata, which lost much of its cachet when it failed to bring salvation to the likes of Aaron Baddeley and Mike Weir, might soon be on Tiger Woods's to-do list. In Monday's New York Times, Bill Pennington points out that Sean Foley — who has been all but ordained as Tiger's next swing coach — is a fan of the S&T principles.

...several of Foley’s colleagues in the small community of top golf
coaches said they thought Foley had been influenced by the Stack and
Tilt teachings of Plummer and Bennett ... [and] he has subtly endorsed some of the Stack and Tilt fundamentals in recent interviews and instructional videos.            
LPGA pro shuns short caddie

The Oregonian reports:
Ammaccapane eventually showed up at 4 p.m. [on Monday], where she was directed to
her waiting caddie. Cameron, 19, walked up, and introduced himself. "She
looked at me," he said, "gave me a weird look and didn't say anything."
There was an awkward silence. Then Ammaccapane said it. And I
wish she hadn't. So does Cameron. So does his father, Perry, who heard
the words and felt his insides hollow out. Ammaccapane said this: "Do you have anyone bigger?" There
was some initial confusion. Some thought she was joking. This was
followed by some discussion between the master caddie and Ammaccapane,
who explained that she wanted someone more capable of carrying her
75-pound bag. Ultimately, it's her bag and her golf career, and so the
discussion ended with the player announcing, "I would be more
comfortable with someone bigger."
follow-up blog post

Shoal Creek lands Champions Tour major as reported by Michael Bamberger in the August issue of Golf Magazine according to The Birmingham News
Organizers say the event will boost Birmingham's reputation in the golf
world and draw top senior golfers such as Tom Watson, Greg Norman and
Fred Couples. The Regions Tradition, as it will be called, will be the
first of five "major" tournaments on the Champions Tour and will take
place May 2-8.       
Golf Magazine
"The goal was to get professional golf back," Mike Thompson said. "We're just delighted to be back in the game."       

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