By petedirenzo
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leaderboard | Live Video | Photos | TV Schedule 8:14pm -- Wow. What a long, strange trip it was. Seacrest out! See you next time...
8:13pm -- Martin Kaymer Fever -- catch it! The young German makes his bogey putt to win the last major of 2010. It's over!!
8:12pm -- Oooooohhhh-kay. Kaymer, playing quickly, pumps his par putt about 2-and-a-half feet past. Bubba makes his putt for double. Back to Kaymer, to put the PGA away.
8:10pm -- And he nearly does! His bunker shot rattled the pin but doesn't drop. Two putts for Kaymer to win. "Can this get any weirder?" Feherty asks.
8:08pm -- Big trouble for Bubba. He wedges his fourth shot over the green and into a greenside bunker right of the hole. He needs to hole the bunker shot.
8:07pm -- If you're just joining us... where have you been??!! Kaymer's lying 3 on the par-4 final hole of a three-hole playoff, and Watson's trying to get up and down to save bogey (after hitting into the creek).
8:05pm -- Watson simply must get up and down from his to-be-determined drop spot. His only hope of extending the 3-hole playoff is to manufacture a bogey 5.
8:03pm -- Pulling a 7-iron, Kaymer's third shot from 173 yards is spectacular, stopping 15-18 feet below the hole. He has 5 locked up, and can still make 4.

8:01pm -- From a hairy lie, Kaymer plays it uber safe and punches out a mere 50 yards. "I did NOT see that coming," a perplexed Feherty says, and I agree. Kaymer leaves himself a long shot, 173 yards. He seems to be content with bogey.
7:59pm -- Indeed, Bubba has a better lie. From 220 yards, the lefty twice steps away from his address position, and finally swings, right at the flagstick and -- splash! -- into the creek!
7:54pm -- After Kaymer's drive finds the right rough on no. 18, Watson joins the German in the thick stuff -- but with, perhaps, a better lie.
7:51pm -- And make it, he does! Kaymer pours in a 15-footer for birdie to tie Bubba, and they head to the last hole of the three-hole playoff.
7:49pm -- Despite the tall, lanky, Dustin Johnson-shaped shadow hanging over this playoff, it's getting good. Bubba's gonna tap in for par, but Kaymer has a good look at birdie, inside of 20 feet, to tie. As Kostis points out, it's an almost-must-make putt, with Bubba's length advantage on 18.
7:46pm -- The people have spoken. And they're not happy. I can't argue with Abe, who fumes: What a load of crap: the ruling on Dustin Johnson. In life, you are innocent til proven guilty, but, in golf, no one tells you the rules (hey, that's a bunker) until after you hit the ball and are then 'guilty' of the most idiotic non-offense in any sport. Gentleman's sport, my eye.7:44pm -- After 17, they'll finish on no. 18 and, if necessary, play sudden-death after the third extra hole.
7:43pm -- Birdie for Wason! He has a one-stroke lead on Kaymer with two to play. Onto the punishing par-3 17th.
7:41pm -- Meanwhile, back to the action: Kaymer extracts himself from a juicy lie in the rough to find the green from 75 yards out. He had a good 30-feet for birdie, and ... will two-putt for his par. Bubba's chip snuggled up to just a few feet. He has a great look at birdie.
7:38pm -- Feherty interviews Johnson, who says from the locker room, "I dont know if I can describe it. It never once crossed my mind that I was in a sand trap. It's very unfortunate. I never once thought I was in a sand trap. I thought I was in a piece of dirt that the fans had trampled down. I obviously know the rules of golf. I guess I should have looked at the rules sheet a little harder." Did they make the right ruling?, DF asks him. "If it was up to me, I wouldn't have thought I was in a bunker. But it wasn't up to me. It was up to the rules committee."
7:34pm -- Oh yeah, there's the little matter of the actual PGA Championship playoff. On the par-4 10th, Watson, hitting first, pipes it some 330 yards short and right of the par-4 green. Kaymer, pulling 3-wood, hits into a strip of rough ringing a fairway bunker. His ball vanishes from view. Advantage: Bubba.
7:31pm -- Says PGA Rules official Mark Wilson: "Regarding the bunkers...Some areas outside the ropes might have many footprints, heel prints and tire tracks... It was made clear to the players this week that no relief would be permitted. Some of these areas might have changed compared to what a Tour player might expect. This great golf course has bunkers with many different types of characteristics, and Dustin didn't notice this fact [about the bunker he hit from on no. 18]."
7:26pm -- The three-hole playoff, starting at 10, will feature only two men. Johnson must be numb.  
7:22pm -- The videotape clearly shows (to my eyes) that he grounded his club. So the question is whether or not his lie was in an area that's considered a bunker. It doesn't look good for Johnson.
7:20pm -- If you're just joining us and not near a TV, Dustin Johnson has apparently qualified to play in a three-way playoff, with Kaymer and Watson. However, he may have grounded his club on a sandy lie that may be deemed a bunker, which, if true, would be a 2-stroke penalty against DJ, and would disqualify him from the playoff.
Either way, it's a playoff. But is it a two-man or three-man battle?
7:16pm -- OK, it's not even clear that DJ grounded his club before he hit his second shot on no. 18. The video is inconclusive. Whether or not Johnson has admitted to grounding his club, we do not know.
7:14pm -- The question is, was Johnson's ball in a bunker? It appeared to merely be a hardscrabble, barren chunk of turf, as opposed to a bunker. We await the ruling. Something tells me DJ's about to get the shaft. "It never entered my mind... that it was a bunker," says Feherty, on the scene. 
7:11pm -- Hold on! Rules drama! It turns out, Johnson may have grounded his club while standing over his second shot from a sandy lie off the 18th fairway. If his ball was considered to be in a hazard, and he gounded his club, that is, of course, a penalty... and the replay makes it look like he might well have done just that. Stay tuned.
7:09pm -- Onward, to a three-way playoff: Kaymer, Johnson, Watson.
7:08pm -- For the victory, Dustin Johnson reads his par putt, addresses the ball, and ... misses right. Three-way playoff. NOT an assertive stroke.
7:06pm -- Uncanny! Johnson's soft lob shot, with help from an uphill lie into the breeze, and he parks it to 8-10 feet. He'll have a very makeable putt to win the PGA.
7:04pm -- Johnson's lie in the rough is plenty thick. He'll have to chop it from the spinach and hope to make a 15-20-foot putt, most likely. Or, 2-putt for a 3-way playoff. Let's find out!
7:01pm -- Back off of the 18th fairway, Johnson -- who, perhaps simply to calm his nerves, has a laugh with the gallery -- pulls 4-iron. 225 yards to make the carry, Feherty tells us. A hanging lie. The shot of his life... is absolutely nuked left of the green, into rough.
6:59pm -- Johnson's ball has found a clean lie off a sandy piece of turf on no. 18, 233 yards from the pin. "What do you do?" Nantz asks. "Forget the flag -- but you have to hit it absolutely perfectly," Faldo tells us.
Meanwhile, Mac for birdie... and ... too low! He misses! Rory's first major will have to wait.  
6:56pm -- Needing par to win the 92nd PGA Championship, facing the drive of his life, Dustin Johnson creams it 20-heads deep into the right rough on no. 18. Feherty points out that DJ may get a good lie, thanks to the tramplings of the gallery.  
6:53pm -- "Rory's Last Shot"? Mac absolutely pures a 5-iron to 20 feet from the 18th hole. He'll have a good look at birdie.
6:52pm -- What's German for "Wow!"? Kaymer calmly brushes in his par-saving putt, dead-center on 18. He makes his par, to finish at 11-under, tying Bubba for the clubhouse lead. And Rory Mac's not out of it either.
6:51pm -- Sorry to burst your bubble, DJ fans, but no. 18 is playing like a par-5 today. It's a coin toss for him to make bogey on 18, which would mean a playoff.
6:49pm -- Kaymer hits a nice flop to the 18th green. He'll need to make that, from 12 feet, and hope.
But it may not matter! Dustin Johnson pours in his birdie putt on no,. 17, his third birdie in the last five holes. He's 12-under, for a one-stroke lead! He needs one par to win his first major.  
6:46pm -- Rory's task is simple. Make birdie. He's in Position A, on the right side of the fairway. But the odds are against Rory: Only one player has made birdie all day.
6:45pm -- Co-leader Kaymer has 200-plus in for his approach on 18. With a 4-iron, he dumps his approach into the rough under the hole, near some greenside bunkers. He'll have a diabolical up-and-down, with little green to work with, to make par and hope to get into a playoff.
Back on no. 17, there's no sign of the nerve-jangled Dustin Johnson who collapsed at Pebble Beach -- he rips an iron to 15 feet on the par-3. He'll have a great look at birdie to take sole possession of the lead.
6:40pm -- Elk's endlessly long birdie putt on no. 18 -- yikes, call it 70 feet -- falls well short. He won't win, but what a wonderful week for the 47-year-old. Meanwhile, Rory pars 17. 10-under. He must birdie 18.
6:37pm -- Miraculous! Dustin Johnson's pitch from the heather and gorse trickles to inches of the cup on the par-5 16th. He'll get to 11-under and tie the lead!
6:35pm -- Elk needs a birdie on 18 to tie Watson at 11-under, but his approach stops at least 40 feet short of the pin. He'll need a miracle putt to drop.
6:33pm -- This brain shank is brought to you by Dustin Johnson. On no. 16, DJ curiously chooses to lay up from a fairway bunker with a mid-iron, instead of a short iron, and finds the left rough. The ball disappears in more thick, nasty stuff. "If you can't get up there, hit a 9-iron," Faldo chides. 
6:31pm -- Rory's birdie putt steamrolls past the hole on no. 16, leaving him 4 feet for par. He makes the par putt, but a huge birdie chance is lost for Mac.
6:27pm -- On 18, Zach Johnson -- who must make birdie -- finds the fairway. And Rory's eagle chip stops a good 18 feet from the hole. Touch lie. Mediocre chip.
6:25pm -- On 16, Rory's approach into the par-5 green stops short and right. He'll have a long eagle chip with a lot of green to work with. Watson, meanwhile, is in the clubhouse at 11-under. And Elk will tap in for his bogey on no. 17. So.... Kaymer and Watson share the lead, with Zach Johnson, Dustin Johnson, Rory Mac and Elk all one stroke back.
6:19pm -- Poor Elk. Hitting from a pit on the far side of the par-3 17th green, he has no choice but to lob his ball to the middle of the green. Much like Watson at the last hole of the British last year, his approach into the green was perfectly struck... and he was punished for it. He'll likely give one back here.
6:17pm -- A stroke back, Rory rips his drive on the par-5 16th and finds the fairway.
6:14pm -- I can barely type fast enough to keep up with the action! OK, co-leader Elk scares the flag on no. 17, a par-3, and falls into a hairly, scary lie a good six feet below the green. A nasty up-and-down. On no. 18, Bubba's approach is safely in the center of the green. He can two-putt to post 11-under.
6:12pm -- Update: Rory's back to 10-under, after a bogey on 15. Kaymer, Bubba and Elk now share the lead, at 11-under.
6:10pm -- Correction! My bad: Elk's putt on the par-5 16th is for eagle, not birdie.
6:07pm -- Kaymer, 12-under, misses a huge putt on no. 15. Bogey! Kaymer, Bubba, and Rory Mac are all tied for the lead, at 11-under.
6:06pm -- Don't count out Elk! The old coot's approach on the brutal par-4 16th stops at 12 feet. He'll have that for birdie. That would get him to 11-under.
6:04pm -- Bubba putts it to two feet. He'll tap in for bogey, to drop a shot behind Kaymer. For now. Why? Because Kaymer's greenside chip on 15 stops at about 8 feet, which he'll have for par. Both the leaders could give one back!
6:01pm -- With his back literally against a wall (of wooden planks) on no. 17, a par-3, Bubba does a nice job to lob his second shot on the par-3 to the back of the green. But he'll need to hole a lengthy putt to save par. Bogey is likely.
5:59pm -- Rory's drive on no. 15 runs through the fairway, in and out of a bunker, stopping in the left rough.
5:57pm -- For his second on the par-4 15th, from 217 yards, co-leader Kaymer's iron snuggles into the short-front right. Whoops. He paid the price for a short tee shot on the tough hole. Ich bin ein big hitter? Not on this hole he wasn't. We'll see if it costs him a stroke.
5:54pm -- Nooooooo, Bubba! On 17, Watson's tee shot on the par-3 finds the rough, nestled near the planks left of the green. I have no idea how he saves par from there. (But maybe I'm projecting.) Flash! Rory brushes in a much-needed birdie on 14, to get to 11-under. And Elk's 47-year old nerves let him down -- he misses his birdie putt from 5 feet on 15.
Phew! Things are happening, people. I'm just glad I bought that extra 6-pack of "The Beast." My nerves can't take this. 
5:50pm -- Holy Flexall! 1995 PGA Champ Elkington somehow conjured a 360-yard drive on the par-4 15th, then spun his approach on the par-4 to about 5 feet, which he'll have for birdie. If he makes that, he'll stay within one stroke of the leaders.
5:47pm -- We have a tie (in a second.) Bubba's eagle putt snuggles up to a foot or so. He'll birdie and tie Kaymer for the lead. It's getting good.
5:46pm -- Faldo, who is a mentor to Rory, just told him on-air to start gunning at pins. No more playing for the safe center of the green and hoping to make a long putt. We'll see if the 21-year-old listens.
5:44pm -- After another mammoth drive (350 yards), on the par-5 16th, Big Bubba pulls 6-iron from 220 yards and finds the middle of the green. He'll have about 45 feet for eagle. A two-putt birdie would tie him with Kaymer for the lead.
5:40pm -- On the par-4 14th, leader Martin Kaymer, from 105 yards in the rough, finds the center of the green. He'll have an uphill look at birdie, some 20 feet away.
5:36pm -- "Murder by numbers. Just a terrible day," Faldo says of Watney's pock-marked scorecard. The 54-hole leader has plummeted to 4-under par. Someone call the Humane Society. Maybe he and Johnson can form a support group.
5:32pm -- Both Kaymer (on 13) and Bubba (on 15) two-putt for pars.
5:30pm -- After a 370-yard drive on no. 15 (his ball was glowing after reentering the atmosphere), Bubba's approach on no. 15 halts about 25 feet from the hole. He'll have a shot at birdie.
5:27pm -- Speaking of pressure, Rory Mac's birdie putt to get within one on the par-3 12th sneaks past the right side of the cup. He'll stay two back. Still, plenty of time left for Rory.
5:25pm -- One Brian Sullivan ponders, on our boards: What kind of odds could you have gotten for Phil to tie/beat Watney (this AM) Agreed, Brian. I'm interested to hear Watney's post-round comments. (He's currently 6-under.) Did the pressure get to him? Just one of those days? He didn't appear terribly tight, based on his pratice-session ball-striking and body language. But once you get between the ropes, pressure does bad, bad things. I think guys like Jack, Tiger -- you know, the greats -- are freaks of nature. They actually like the pressure. 5:19pm -- Kaymer's 4-footer for birdie on 12 singes the left edge. Ooooooh. Par, when birdie was expected. He stays one ahead of Watson.
5:16pm -- Bubba pulls within one, birdie on 14, his second straight. He's no. 1 with a mullet.
5:14pm -- Kaymer got up and down on no. 11, an escape worthy of Wisconsin-native Harry Houdini. Kaymer then stuck an iron on the par-3 12th to about four feet. OK, now I'm wavering about the playoff. Kaymer looks tough to catch.
5:11pm -- Let's go to the phones (said in my best Larry King voice). David Crowe chimes in on our message board: This is easily the most exciting tournament of the year. I can't see how it doesn't end with a playoff - this will make or break a few careers I agree -- it feels like a playoff looms, David. Though the finish will have to be sublime to top the drama at this year's Masters, what with Phil winning in dramatic style, and Amy being there to greet him. I have yet to reach for the hankie.
5:06pm -- Kaymer's lob is loverly. He'll have 3 to 4 feet for his par on no. 11.
5:03pm -- Kaymer's approach runs through the green on 11 and into a nasty, nesty lie, calling for a funky/delicate pitch-flop. Then, Bubba drops a putt from downtown Sheboygan on no. 13. Birdie! He's two behind. And maybe less, depending on how Kaymer scrambles on 11. (Dang, that Watson putt was longer than his mullet.)
5:00pm -- Unforced error from Kaymer, who drew a nice lie in the rough off the 11th fairway but laid it up into the right rough. Still, it looks like he has another reasonable lie. Meanwhile, up ahead on the green, Elk makes a brilliant par-saving putt from 8 feet to remain 2 behind, at 10-under.
4:55pm -- Mac is back! He makes birdie on no. 10 from 10 feet, to get back to 10-under and even on his final round.
4:54pm -- Kaymer makes a loose swing with driver on the par-5 11th, but he gets a little lucky: His ball avoids a bunker and appears to have a good lie.
4:51pm -- I say this every time I live-blog a major, but it bears repeating. Feherty likes to talk about the difference between major winners and pretenders: The winners love the spot light. They feel comfortable in the big moment. Think back to McDowell laughing and talking to the cameras on the 72nd hole at Pebble, or King Louis' cool serenity last month at the Old Course. Right now, Kaymer seems completely comfortable. He looks like he wants the responsibility of winning a major. We shall see...
4:49pm -- Kaymer's birdie putt on no. 10 falls dead center. A perfect stroke. He would have made it if the cup was half the size. He's bogey-free on his day, and has a two-shot lead. He'll be very tough to beat coming in. The 25-year-old has shown no Watney-esque signs of nerves. Based on the way he's playing, someone's gonna have to come and get him.
4:45pm -- Cool shot: Kaymer strokes a bitey, three-quarter wedge inside of 20 feet on no. 10. He's playing like a man who knows how to win a major. With five wins on the European Tour, he knows how to close out a big tournament. Johnson overcooks his approach on 9, from the rough. With a flyer lie, it bounces into the back rough. A big mistake with a 9-iron.
4:40pm -- The steady German Martin Kaymer downshifts to a 3-wood off no. 10 tee and stripes it nicely, finding the right side of the fairway. A smart play off the tee.
4:38pm -- 47-year-old Elkington makes birdie on no. 10, to get to 10-under, in second alone! Leaning heavily on his short game, Rory bumps his chip on no. 9 to a few inches, to stay at 9-under. And Zach Johnson just joined Elk at 10-under, burying a long-distance birdie on no. 10.
4:35pm -- I feel like we're watching three majors in one: U.S. Open brutality with a British Open layout for the PGA Championship title.
4:32pm -- Brutal course setup + high winds + Sunday pressure = doubles and triples. Case in point: Jason Day, who just dang-near whiffed his greenside pitch from the rough on 9, then gouged his fourth shot onto the green, 18 feet past. A likely double-bogey for the man currently in second.
4:27pm -- Leader Kaymer found rough on no. 9 and left his second short of the green but in the fairway. He'll have a good look at getting up and down to stay in the lead at 11-under, a shot ahead of Jason Day.
4:23pm -- And a scramblin' Rory Mac can't salvage another par putt save. He makes bogey on no. 8.
4:22pm -- On 7, Johnson mis-reads his par putt. It misses left. Bogey. "A lot of guys bought a ticket for a trainwreck" on 7, Faldo says. Watney makes his three-footer for triple on 7, dropping down to 8-under, three shots out of the lead.
4:19pm -- Oh, Nick. From a hinky, sandy lie right of the green, Watney fails to reach the surface. His fourth finally reaches the back of the 7th green. He's looking at a soul-crushing triple-bogey.
4:16pm -- Watney's now considering whether to take a lateral drop near the rocks where his ball entered Lake Michigan, or to re-tee it. Stand by! Meanwhile on no. 10, Bubba pulls his birdie putt that would have gotten him to 10-under. And Furyk makes bogey on no. 9 to drop to 8-under. On no. 8, Jason Day will have to work for his 5-foot par putt to stay at 10-under.
4:13pm -- Watney pumps his tee shot on no. 7 way right into the Great Lake. Splash. A very awkward silence follows. Cue Feherty from the gallows: "It's a lateral, I believe. You can drop it in Michigan."
4:10pm -- Rory Mac rolls it in, for birdie on no. 10. He throws in a subtle fist-pump. He's one behind.
4:09pm -- Rory's hole high on the par-3 7th, about 12 feet away. A good look at birdie. Back on no. 18, Tiger holes out for his 73. He'll finish the year without a major victory at Augusta, Pebble, St. Andrews and here --  which seemed unthinkable one year ago.
4:05pm -- Watney curls his birdie into the left side of the cup on no. 6, pulling him into a share of the lead with Kaymer.
4:03pm -- Watney pulls putter for his second on no. 6 and smacks it 10 feet past the hole, which he'll have left for his birdie.
4:02pm -- The 500-yard par-4 finishing hole is currently playing at a punishing 4.8 scoring average, Sir Nick tells us.
4:00pm -- Rory Mac is a bit off his game thus far today, missing a fairly easy 6-footer for birdie on no. 6. Par for Mac. He remains one-over on his round and birdie-free. Off the tee on no. 6, both Watney and Johnson pull driver and find the fairway left and short of the green. Well placed shots. They both have nice looks at getting up-and-down for birdies on the short par 4.
3:56pm -- Kaymer's game looks major-ready! He left his tee shot on no. 7 short of the green, but a cozy little chip will leave a gimme tap-in par, to remain in the lead.
3:54pm -- I do believe that if Elk finds a way to win today, at age 47, he'll be the oldest major winner since Jack at the '86 Masters, at age 46.
3:51pm -- Elk lips out for birdie on no. 7! He'll tap in for par.
3:49pm -- Watney's 12-footer for birdie on no. 5 runs of out fuel. Par for Watney on the par-5. Meanwhile, Kaymer taps in for par on no. 6. Back on on the fifth, Johnson drains his short birdie putt on no. 5 to get back to 10-under.
3:47pm -- Talk about "old school!" Elkington (47) has a putt on no. 7 to get to 10-under, to join his fellow frost-top Jim Furyk (40) in second place. Not bad for a couple guys who likely spent the morning watching "Matlock" reruns.
3:41pm -- "Old Man" Furyk is showing these young whippersnappers a thing or two. He's snuck into a tie for second place, at 10-under (along with Watney.)
3:39pm -- Lost opportunity for Rory, who was just over the green in two on the par-5 fifth. A poor chip and poor putt will likely lead to a par for the big-hitting Rory Mac, who had to be thinking no worse than birdie.
3:36pm -- True fact: Watney is a huge fan of hip-hop music. So, time for a pep-talk! He should remember that sometimes in golf, "It Takes Two" putts (Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock), and off the tee you may "Push It" (Salt-n-Pepa), because major pressure can make for a "Hard Knock Life" (Jay Z). But if he can "Keep Ya Head Up" (2 Pac), even if he finds a "Juicy" (Notorious B.I.G.) lie in the rough, he can still win, which is "All About the Benjamins" (Puff Daddy w/ Lil Kim, the Lox and Notorious B.I.G.)
3:34pm -- We have a new sole leader: Martin Kaymer, at 11-under.
3:31pm -- Watney misses a tough 15-footer on no. 4. He'll make bogey. Feherty says of that putt, "It was easier to read the last health-care bill."
3:29pm -- OK, correction! Watney found sand, not rough. From a good 60 yards, Watney hits a nice bunker shot and leaves himself 15 feet uphill for his par on no. 4 to remain in the lead.
3:27pm -- Yikes. Watney just wiped a high cut way right into some deep, nasty stuff with his second shot on the par-4 fourth. I can't imagine him saving par from what must be an underground lie. Johnson also leaves his approach well short of the green, though in the fairway.
3:24pm -- Can Watney keep it together, after that double-bogey start? His mental-game instructor Mo Pickens -- a smart guy who I've had the chance to interview -- no doubt would remind his man that he's still leading the PGA Championship, and to focus on the next shot, forgetting about what happened at no. 1.
3:21pm -- At last, Rory Mac's short game can't salvage another par, as he makes bogey following a poor chip on the par-4 fourth.
3:19pm -- Well, he won't become the World No. 1, but Phil taps in for a sweet 67, to finish at 6-under.
3:15pm -- Watney's birdie putt on no. 3 trundles left of the hole. He'll tap in for par. Meanwhile, Johnson's 5-footer for par burns the edge. Bogey for Johnson, who drops into second place. Watney and Kaymer share the lead.
3:13pm -- Kaymer joins the leaders at 11-under, making birdie on the 4th hole. It's getting awfully crowded up there.
3:11pm -- Rory's the pick of Golf Magazine contributing teacher A.J. Bonar. "I really like Rory because he not only has all the shots, but he believes he was meant to win majors," Bonar says. "He's entitled. And he loves links-type courses. I think Rory wins his first major today."
3:09pm -- Another escape for Rory Mac! He pours in a 5-footer for par on the par-3 third hole, after a brilliant bunker shot. He's even on the day.
3:07pm -- Co-leaders Johnson and Watney both tap in for pars on no. 5. But there are eight players within two shots of the lead.
3:05pm -- Bubba makes eagle on no. 5, getting him to 9-under, just two off the lead.
3:03pm -- Wow. What a start. I did not see that three-shot swing coming. And Watney's up-and-down for par on no. 2 is no gimme.
3:00pm -- With a 6-iron, Johnson scares the cup, then trickles some 25-30 feet left of the second hole. What looked like disaster now is shaping up like a two-putt for par. From 125 yards, Watney's third shot scoots off the left side of the green, onto the collar.  
2:57pm -- Watney chops out of the rough on the par-5 second hole, to find the fairway. Next, from a terrible, tangly lie, Johnson lashes his ball from the rough and back into the fairway. Good recoveries for both leaders.
2:55pm -- And just like that, Phil is only four back! But he's likely out of time. His tee shot on the par-3 17th finds the right-center portion of the green.
2:53pm -- Fore left! Johnson tugs his drive way left on the second hole. Watney follows suit, his ball just trickling into the left rough. McCord: "We're gonna find out real soon what Watney's made of."
2:51pm -- Amazing -- just like Johnson at Pebble Beach at the U.S. Open, Watney looked relaxed and had a great practice session. Everything pointed to a strong start. And just like DJ, disaster struck almost immediately. There's just so much more pressure on Sunday than on Saturday.
2:48pm -- Johnson drains his short birdie putt to tie Watney for the lead. A three-shot swing! Wow. Just like that, we have co-leaders.
2:46pm -- Watney's 6-foot bogey putt slides by the right side. Double for the leader. His 3-shot lead is now one... and Johnson has a birdie putt.
2:44pm -- After putting his second shot into a greenside bunker on no. 1, Watney dumps it into the rough. Danger! Danger! Bogey or double?
2:42pm -- We should discuss the World Golf Rankings situation. Phil has clawed his way into a current tie for 13th, while Woods is now tied for 34th. According to the rankings, here's how Phil can take over as World No. 1 by day's end: Phil wins. (Highly unlikely but not impossible.) Phil finishes second, and Tiger's outside the top 3. Phil finishes third and Tiger's outside the top 11. Most feasible: Phil finishes fourth and Tiger finishes outside the top 46.
Hmmm. Stay tuned.
2:39pm -- Rory Mac conjured a sickeningly good bunker shot from 40 yards, knocking it to a couple feet and tapping in for par -- when bogey or double seemed very likely. A great escape for the 21-year-old Northern Irishman.
2:37pm -- Wisely pulling fairway wood, Watney appears to find the right side of the first fairway. Three shots back, Dustin Johnson pulls driver and rips it right down the middle. "That's ridiculous!" Faldo says. It's Sunday, Nick. Thou shalt not covet.
2:35pm -- Whoa! A rough start for Rory Mac, who just sent his approach shot over the first green, and into the back bunker -- after hitting driver into a fairway bunker. Bogey seems very possible.
2:32pm -- Don't be shy with questions, comments and/or epithets. I'll get to as many as I can.
2:31pm -- Hey, golf fans. Welcome to Sunday at the PGA. I've be live-blogging the entire final round, slaving over a hot keyboard just for you.(You're welcome.) I'm psyched! It's a fascinating leaderboard, with the poised-beyond-his-29-years Nick Watney looking to hold his 3-shot lead. Can he do it? Let's find out. 

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