Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ian Poulter had fans lining up down the block for his autograph outside the Nevada Bob’s in St. Andrews, but he won’t be Mr. Popular among American Tour players after taking some shots at the state of the U.S. game in Lawrence Donegan’s article in The Guardian UK on Monday.

"The American guys who have won all the tournaments over the past few years are getting older," said the world No 8. "Phil [Mickelson] is 40 – can he do what Vijay [Singh] did in his 40s? He's strong enough; it's whether he is hungry enough, I guess. "The talent [in America] to replace them is very young and needs a bit more experience, so we have a 15-year window. The Americans have a gap and that gap is being filled by European guys right now, guys who are in their late 20s, early 30s and who are doing the job right now.
A Method to his madness Waggleroom Blog’s Ryan Ballengee
The putter switch was actually first rumored at the Masters, when speculation was abundant that Woods would switch to the Method in his first event of the year. Woods did not make the switch then, clearly still confident rolling it with the Cameron on Augusta National's speedy greens.
Actually, the whispers of the shift began prior to the season - at least within the Nike Golf camp. Reps from the company were hopeful, but not quite expectant, that Woods would make the switch to the Method. Two primary reasons they gave for the switch were the success of Stewart Cink and Lucas Glover in winning '09 majors with the stick before it hit the marketplace, and slo-mo video shown to me of Woods putting with his Cameron and the Method at the Nike Golf facility in Ft. Worth, Texas. The Nike putter was drastically "hotter" than the Cameron, which comes most into play on slow to mid-pace surfaces.
Sergio Garcia takes inspiration from Spain’s World Cup win
The Telegraph UK
"Winning The Open would be awesome – the icing on the cake. I'm going to do my best – I love this tournament and the crowds and I'm hoping I can get back into my form.
"The successes we have had definitely helps. You are on a high and happy for your country, but at the end of the day I have to go out there and perform myself."
Stray Shots The Guardian UK The Canadian Press
The Scotman

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