By petedirenzo
Thursday, July 01, 2010

After Tiger took his infamous drive into a fire hydrant, there were a ton of questions surrounding the world's number one player. Would he get his game, health, and marriage together quickly enough to contend in this year's majors? Would the distraction of an enormous sex scandal and the impending end of his marriage derail his career long term? Would Cadillac replace the grill on his Escalade for free? 
But for real golf fans one of the most immediate concerns regarding Tiger was the potential reality of a Ryder Cup without him. And let's face it, while Tiger might not go down as the greatest team player of all time, the event is a heck of a lot more interesting with him in the mix. Fortunately for everyone who's been looking forward to the showdown at Celtic Manor, it appears El Tigre will be there no matter what. 
According to a report from the BBC, U.S. captain Corey Pavin has said that due to improvements in his recent form, he wants Tiger on his side. 

"He's the number-one player in the world. There's something wrong with you if you don't want him on the team," said Pavin. "I want him to be playing well. He's finished in the top five in the last two major championships and he's put himself on the team right now - as it stands he's seventh on the list. I expect him to go up on that list and improve his position and he'll make the team no problem."
Hank Haney and Tiger were dysfunctional from the start ESPN
"I got no acknowledgement at all, but that wasn't unusual. Then it got to the point where I didn't know what he was doing or thinking. Yet the whole time he was telling the media I was still his teacher and that I was going to continue to be his teacher and I was talking to him every night."

Contraction on the PGA Tour? Finchem says not yet USA Today
"We have to have sponsorship to put on events, so if it got to a point where sponsorship wasn't available, it's always a possibility. But candidly, we are on track with where we are in most years, good or bad economy, in terms of the amount of work we have to do either to renew sponsors or bring in new sponsors. I think the market is soft generally," he added. "But for our product, it continues to perform well, and we don't anticipate any need for contraction."

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