Monday, June 28, 2010

Sergio Garcia missed the cut at the BMW Invitational in Munich last week, and if he doesn't start playing better, he might miss the Ryder Cup in Wales this October as well. Garcia, who has established himself as one of Team Europe's Ryder Cup stars, has struggled this season, dropping to 36th in the World Rankings, and his manager told The Daily Mail (UK) that Garcia might decline a wildcard pick from Team Europe captain Colin Montgomerie.

Garcia manager Carlos Rodrigues said: "He isn't enjoying his golf at all. He has even said that if Colin Montgomerie were willing to offer him a wild card he's not sure he would be of any help to the European team."
Haney says he had 'dysfunctional' relationship with Woods (yeah, join the club) Guy Yocom's interview with Hank Haney Golf Digest
It sounds like it became dysfunctional. It didn't get dysfunctional; it always was dysfunctional.
Was Tiger generous with you? Did he express his appreciation to you in unusual ways, such as signing flags for you or dropping you notes? Generosity is relative. It was generous of him to give me the job. I don't have anything signed by Tiger, no. Not one thing. Did Tiger pay you well? I don't want to answer that. There's no reason for me to go there. It's been said that Tiger views any association with him as helping that person out. Do you go along with that? You said it, I didn't.
No. The fact that the swing we worked on didn't stress his knee as much is coincidental.
As for this year, I think Tiger's neck injury has been a big factor.
I'd been warned that an article was coming out in The National Enquirer, and I think I was told that the story wasn't accurate.
I asked Dr. Rosenberg [who later performed the surgery to repair Tiger's torn ACL] what the treatment regimen was. He said it meant three weeks on crutches, then inactive for three weeks, then Tiger could start rehab. I remember looking at the calendar and saying, "So he's basically done for the year, right?" At that point Tiger came alive. He said, "I'm playing in the U.S. Open, and I'm going to win." He bent over and started putting on his shoes. "Come on, Hank, we're going to practice." I looked at Dr. Rosenberg and said, "I guess we're going to go practice." 
Coach says Michelle Wie might quit game by age 30 Jerry Sullivan of The Buffalo News
Her coach clearly believes her commitment is an issue. Wie recently took two weeks off to work with Leadbetter. But he said it's "up to her what she wants to do in the world of golf" and said it's hard to be No. 1 if you're a part-time player. Wie will begin her senior year at Stanford in September and take a full course load. Leadbetter said he didn't expect Wie to play golf past age 30. It seems odd, hearing Wie's coach talk about retirement when she hasn't accomplished much on tour. It's a far cry from Juli Inkster talking about her enduring passion for the sport at 50. As Leadbetter says, it's a question of how badly Wie wants it. She has a lot of outside interests, including cooking, clothes and technology. When you're wealthy beyond imagining at 20, it must be difficult to maintain the hunger for golf.
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