Monday, June 07, 2010

Hank Haney might not be on Team Tiger anymore, but Tiger Woods isn't replacing his ex-coach's ideas.After his round of 72 and T19 finish at the Memorial on Sunday, Woods said he was pleased with his ability to shape the ball, but that he still needed to work on his tee shots and he would continue to follow Haney's swing ideas. Last month, Haney resigned as Woods's swing coach after six years working with the World No. 1.

Q. But what are you going back to? What's the model? TIGER WOODS: Just working with what I was doing with Hank, for sure. Q. Same stuff you did with Hank? TIGER WOODS: Absolutely.

"[Pebble Beach] a shot-making golf course," Woods said. "You have to hit the ball well there because the greens are so small. I mean, they rival Hilton Head in size, and then also they have so much more pitch." How close is Woods to regaining his form? Woods said he's more than halfway back, but not by much.

Q. Where would you put yourself in the progression you're on right now? Are you over 50 percent of the way to being back? TIGER WOODS: Definitely, absolutely. Absolutely. Q. 60? 70? 80? TIGER WOODS: More the first part.
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Has 2010 USA captain Corey Pavin reached out to you? No, not yet. He did text me and wanted a copy of the book. I know he's talked to tons of people but he hasn't asked me anything yet. That's fine. He doesn't need me to be a successful captain. He doesn't need me at all. He'll be fine. There have been some captains who have micro-managed everything and lost. There have been captains who were drunk every night and won. There is no blueprint on winning.
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