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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jack Knows BestJack Nicklaus may be retired from playing golf, but he's definitely not retired from talking about it. When asked about Ryder Cup Captain Corey Pavin's recent comments about the uncertainty behind Tiger's spot on the team, Nicklaus had plenty to say, notes Brian Keogh of The Irish Times.

Nicklaus, who celebrated his 70th birthday in January, reckons leaving Woods out of the side would give a whole new meaning to the term “no brainer”.

“He’d (Pavin) need a brain scan if he left Tiger out of the team,” Nicklaus told local reporters at the unveiling of a project to design two courses at the exclusive La Moraleja, 10 miles from the venue for this week’s Madrid Masters, the Real Sociedad Hípica Club de Campo.

“Of course he should pick Tiger. The truth is that Tiger is going through some personal problems, which I’ve nothing to say about, and he’s also got some problems with his game, which he’s going to have to resolve himself. But Tiger will be in the team, I have no doubt.”

Trumped Donald Trump The Guardian
Opponents of Donald Trump's proposed £1bn golf resort in Aberdeenshire claim they have thwarted his plans to forcibly purchase land in a mass protest backed by celebrities and conservationists.
Scores of people including comedian Mark Thomas and mountaineer Cameron McNeish have been made joint owners of one acre of land previously owned by Michael Forbes, the quarryman and salmon netsman who has become Trump's most famous opponent.
The land is part of Forbes's 23-acre property which sits inside the proposed resort close to one of two planned 18-hole golf courses and, in a play on words, has been nicknamed The Bunker.
Campaigners in the protest group Tripping up Trump today unveiled an online appeal for sympathisers to register their names as joint owners, in a campaign likened to the mass purchase of land next to Heathrow to block the airport's third runway.
Although Trump has said Forbes's home is not necessary for his resort, the billionaire property developer's executives have said he could seek the compulsory purchase of Forbes's land and three other private houses and properties inside or next to the site.
already approved Trump's plans Rory may not be the angry one in the family sound alike too
As you may have heard, last week the nice people at TaylorMade posted a good luck message to Rory Sabbatini on their Facebook page.
Now everyone knows Sabbatini has a bad rap — he’s infamous for his temper and his less-than-sunny personality. Then there’s the whole run-in he had with Ben Crane a few years back. The list of negative Sabbo-stories seems never-ending. Apparently his wife, Amy, is just as explosive and sassy as her husband.
The social media scuffle began when a TaylorMade fan presented his opinion on Sabbatini.

Check out Wei's page to catch the actual back and forth between "fan" Don Walker and Amy Sabbatini, complete with screen caps from the Facebook exchange and a few less-than-friendly suggestions on how to spend one's time. Wei makes sure to mention that, despite his reputation, Rory Sabbatini is often cited as a generally nice guy (from my limited experience with him, I would agree), though that might just be in comparison to his better half.

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