Friday, April 23, 2010

Tiger Woods posted a message of thanks to golf fans for his reception at the Masters early this month on his blog at Woods of course returned to competitive golf at Augusta National following his sex scandals, where he was warmly received by fans. Woods also was far more demonstrative than usual toward fans that week, saying "thank you" and tipping his hat repeatedly throughout the week.

I honestly didn't know what to expect from the fans, but they
were absolutely incredible from Monday through Sunday. It was unreal.
They definitely helped me mentally to be more comfortable out there. I
was hoping for the best. To get that type of warmth is something I did
not expect and will never forget.
Woods was criticized for bad language following some his wayward shots during the weekend of the Masters. In his blog post, Woods said he was sorry that happened and that he is trying to get better at controlling his emotions.
I received some criticism for bad language, which I apologized for
immediately after Saturday's round. It's tough when you're in a
competitive environment and in the flow of a tournament. I'm not
perfect. All I can say is I'm trying to do everything I can without
losing my fire and competitive spirit.

Woods congratulated Phil Mickelson for winning the tournament, something he neglected to do in his post-round comments finishing fourth. 
"Before I stop talking about the Masters, I want to congratulate Phil
Mickelson on the win and for all it means to him, Amy and the entire
Mickelson family," Woods said. "They have really gone through a lot this year, and I
wish them good health from now on."
Woods' next event is the Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte, N.C.,  which begins Thursday. In the end of his blog post, Woods had a message for anyone doubting the state of his game.
I took a little time off after the Masters to go scuba diving and spend
time with my family. But I did enjoy a fun round of golf with my friend
John Cook at Isleworth Country Club. I double-eagled the par-5 17th
hole -- the third of my life -- with a 5-wood and shot 63, so my game
is improving.
Yup, he's back.
More Tiger Woods: Special Section | SI Covers | Life in Pictures Trump says Tiger-Elin marriage is 'over' Trump's response Good Day New York
"Yes. Do you want me to be blunt about it? I think it is over and it
is too bad. I think he feels very badly about it. It is very, very
And he says he understands Elin's anger. "Who can blame
her? I am sure that my wife would be extremely OK with one, two, or
three infidelities, but 15 is a bit much," Trump joked.
It's gotta be the shoes Here's how the coolest guy on any tour described his new kicks
I wear tennis shoes every day because of my back. I very rarely have
dress shoes on. So I tried these out and I went to a Haulalai and all
hell broke loose, I think basically because of the color of the bottom.
I think if they were white, I think they would pass for a little bit
more of a normal shoe, but the brown ones have orange soles and the
black ones have red.
I think they're very, very comfortable, and
at the end of the day my body feels a little bit better in them because
it's just a tennis shoe fit and they're very soft and comfortable.

They're back-ordered. I don't know when they're coming out. Everyone
tells me June or July. As far as for me, I'm not any trendsetter. I
just have worn them and really like them. They're very comfortable.
Yang learns you can't go home again (and make the cut) Stewart Cink Y.E. Yang
missed the cut - what an embarrassing week in my hometown - this is not what I envisioned i
am so sorry to my fans, especially my Korean fans and Jeju fans - 35
holes in one day is not easy under such freezing weather n gale winds
was at the driving range with other players, and a caddie ran out to
the 50, 100 and 150 yard lines to pick up something, I tapped a ball...
my superfast driver but i shanked it and it went straight to the
caddie's head, missed it by perhaps 10 inchs, yikes!! couldve been in..
the headlines for a total wrong reason. anyway, got to wake up at 5am, but i can't go to sleep, arrrg
Duval plays New Orleans for the right reasons
He came for the oysters, the shrimp, the crawfish, the muffulettas, the jambalaya and the beignets.
It is the food. I love it here. That's why I come. The folks around the
tournament are wonderful, Tommy, and all of them. I've been coming here
a long, long time. I like it here. I like the golf course. I like the
people. I especially like to eat.
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