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Friday, April 09, 2010

SI's Alan Shipnuck, on location at Augusta National, hosted a live Twitter chat at 2 ET during Friday's Round 2.  Here's the transcript.  Follow Alan Shipnuck on Twitter:  @AlanShipnuck 'Twas a pleasure. Thanks to all ya'll for tuning in. Let's do it again. RT @Betfred_Golf: Enjoy the tourny and thanks for answering my Q's.Be patient. Bogeys await RT @joemadison89: Dude, are Westw. and Poult. playing the same course? Or r they mailing in scores from Liverpool?  OK, 5 minute warning. I wanna catch Phil on 7 green. Or Westy on 9. Or Tiger at 15. Or... Yes, Phil isn't afraid. TW fires him up RT @duquedonuts: Do you agree that Phil is the one guy who genuinely wanted Tiger to return?       I'd love it. Would be great for golf, and the reputation of the club. RT @stevelyle61: what would you think of a ladies Masters at Augusta? Is Tiger an underdog this week? Not sure. Choi is golfing his ball RT @GamingCounsel: If an underdog wins this Masters, who will it be?   

 Same old sched. RT @jrwall: win or lose at Augusta, what kind of sched do you see Tiger playing after Augusta? Any chance he plays more?   A major? How about a freakin' WGC! I like it how it is. RT @Betfred_Golf:: Is it time for another Major to be held outside the US ?   Fast. And faster. RT @LuxHomeMagPDX: Any clue what the greens are running today and what they will be going into the weekend?    Under, barely. I see a 75 RT @tddlw: over or under 76 for Tom Watson today    He's driving it beautifully. RT @joemadison89: Phil always says he's close, even when he isn't. What part of his game are you watching    Not a helluva lot! RT @sflibrul: If Tiger wins, what, if anything, does that say about his peers?Past Masters champs, not the other three majors. Let's move on RT @T2Va: @AlanShipnuck I thought past major champions could play the par 3.   It's gusty down in the Corner. Tiger always believes in safety first. RT @LuxHomeMagPDX: Is Tiger pulling a Zach Attack on the 5's?It is very bright out here today. But it's also a way to hide in plain sight.   Never seen him in sunglasses before RT @mattsweet: Tiger channeling the flatline Duval w/ those shades, ever seen them in a tourney before? He's not eligible, he didn't qualify RT @RobBoltonGolf: I don't understand your response. Why didn't Daly participate since he's eligible.Funny how execution can make or break decision-making.! Smart layup.No, he's fighting a case of being Matt Kuchar! RT @tddlw: is matt kuchar fighting a case of the shanks?  Is anyone on Earth more fun than her? Don't think so. RT @T2Va: Is anyone at the Masters more fun than @TheChristinaKim ?   Not a bad play...if he still makes birdie. Otherwise, WTF?! RT @golfexaminer: Tiger just laid up on 13. your thoughts?   Depends on the venues. Opens at Pebble or Old Course are fab. But Masters is always swell RT @GamingCounsel: Which is your favorite major?   So anyone who drives their RV to Augusta gets to soil the Par-3? Puh-leeze. RT @RobBoltonGolf: Daly's in Augusta. It's a natural.   It was his parents, not Amy. But I expect Phil to win RT @bule1101: After seeing Phil w/Amy, do you think he will have his game for 4 days?  Probing question! I like Fowler's surfer dude thang, so Barnes RT @Froboy77: Whose hat is more off-putting, Ricky Fowler or Ricky Barnes?   It's only for those in the field for the big tournament. RT @RobBoltonGolf: Why didn't John Daly play in the Par 3 Contest?   I have a moral obligation to try, no? RT @LuxHomeMagPDX: You played Cypress & Pebble days ago did you enter the lottery to play ANGC?   No way - it's breezy and bright, greens are gonna dry out. RT @johndasher: do the conditions favor those with an afternoon tee time?   Tough call! I'll take Poulter, at -7. RT @voodoomagic5: who will be overnight leader?   So pure. I'd be afraid to take a divot. RT @PhilBundy: Your thoughts on the new practice area at ANGC?   I've played them all. My fave is 13th RT @mattsweet: if you could play one hole at the National which would you choose?   The Kremlin is better at dispensing information. RT @bcatleagle: How did the golf press not know about Tiger's Achilles injury?  It's a great look. I just wish he'd add a fedora. RT @jamesleeincali: @AlanShipnuck Your thoughts on Ryan Moore rocking the tie?   I think they'll tie....for 2nd. RT @islandgolfer: @AlanShipnuck Better finish Westwood or Poulter?   It can be incovnenient but for 1 week I like the purity RT @LooseImpediment: what's it like as a writer not being inside the ropes?   Hell yes! And karma is set back 2,000 years RT @Froboy77: If Tiger wins the Masters, do the sponsors that dropped him regret the decision?   Charles, speaking truth to power. I thought Payne's remarks were gratuitous. RT @twodownpress: Did you catch Barkley's B. Payne remarks?   Yes. RT @andrew_long: conditions seem to be benign but scoring today is not very low. are the pin positions that much more difficult?   Goatees are too gangsta for Augusta National. RT @golfexaminer: any idea why Tiger shaved his goatee? did he use a Gillette blade?   A few. But all the caddies know! RT @Betfred_Golf: Are the golfers aware of their odds for Tournaments ? i.e. Vegas Lines or Euro Bookies   Veranda is a great place for reporting. RT @T2Va: Were you lounging on the veranda b/c there wasn't anything happening on the course? Ha!   This is shaping up as the shortest live chat in Twitter history.   Bring it, people! (Please.)   Check the board - the blokes r coming! RT @hamsaladawesome: Q2: Why on earth do the Euros play so horrifically year after year at Augusta?   You better! RT @TheChristinaKim: ooooo live chat? May I heckle you from in the air, please?   Live chat commences here in 3 minutes - I have butterflies! (Or maybe that's just too much cobbler...) 

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