By petedirenzo
Thursday, April 08, 2010

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- As Tiger Woods was making his way to the first tee at Augusta National on Thursday, a small plane was taking its own journey above the course, its engines humming, a banner trailing from behind: TIGER: DID YOU MEAN BOOTYISM.
As Woods was playing the first hole and Tom Watson the last, the plane kept making circles over the course, close enough for anyone on the ground to see, but too far away to be shouted down.
Later, as Woods was playing the 7th hole, a new banner was seen trailing the plane: SEX ADDICT? YEAH RIGHT. ME TOO!
For a tournament that prides itself on civility, the plane's bawdy messages were a reminder that even the reach of Masters' officials only goes so far. The plane buzzing overhead brought to mind a college football game or Memorial Day barbecue, but hardly the Masters Tournament.
With Woods making his return to competition following revelations of infidelity, most of the speculation regarding security and decorum centered on the happenings on the ground.
Few could have imagined the breach might come from the air.
(Photo: Al Tielemans/SI)

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