Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Augusta National has discovered the perfect way to welcome back Tiger Woods to the game of golf: give him his own day. Monday is traditionally a quiet day during the tournament, so it was a perfect time to focus on Woods' comeback, and get it out of the way before Thursday's start. Here are some of the stories you might have missed while watching Woods' disarming media conference on Tiger Day at the Masters. Masters security on Tiger babe patrolSteve
Politti of The Newark Star Ledger
discovers that the expert Masters
security patrol has an added duty this week. Keep Tiger Woods away from
his mistresses.

Security guards at Augusta National were
actually carrying around a sheet with the mug shots of Woods’ alleged
mistresses, with one of the guards asking a woman at the fifth hole,
"Are you the stripper?"
Jocelyn James clings to 14th minute of fame Shane
Bacon of With Leather

TMZ discovers golf is boringMy colleague Alan Bastable went looking for a media circus on Augusta's Washington Road and came back with peanuts.

There were no obvious signs of RadarOnline hanging around the gates either. Or US Weekly. And certainly no Perez Hilton—you wouldn't miss his flamboyant style among this Bermuda shorts-wearing crowd.

Woods narrowly avoided killing small child in 1997, ESPN reportsESPN.com's
Rick Reilly is encouraged by Woods' warmer and more relaxed demeanor
Reilly said Woods has come along way from the young hothead who blew
away the field at Augusta National in 1997.

I remember when Woods was 21 and leading
the 1997 Masters by 12 shots with only four holes to play. It was
basically a coronation parade in spiked shoes. On 15, he hit a
meaningless shot from the rough that, for some reason, just fried his
brain. He reached back and slammed down his club, just missing the
skull of a small boy who'd snuck close just to touch him.
I want to be a better person, a better investment, and less like Gary Coleman Reuters
looks at the financial cost of Woods' scandals

In the latest Davie Brown Index—used
by corporate clients to determine a celebrity’s ability to influence
consumers — Woods’s appeal ranked 2,398th, down from 96th before the
scandal.That puts him in the company of the likes of actor Gary
Coleman and Fox News reporter and former talk show host Geraldo Rivera,
compared with actor Matt Damon and late musician Frank Sinatra before
the scandal.
He always wears mauve on Sundays The
Augusta Chronicle
talks to "celebrity style expert" Jess Zanio

sort of doesn't have the right to be flashy anymore as far as the
public is concerned. To kind of humbly step out in beiges, coffees and
light blues makes it so that he just sort of blends into the whole
scene," Zaino said. "Nobody wants to come in on blazing saddles wearing
bold colors. He needs to be as quiet as possible and that includes how
he dresses."

also important for Woods not to wear his hat too low, Zaino said. This
indicates shadiness, as if he's covering up something. By showing his
face and eyes, he'll be able to connect with the audience.


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