Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We didn't have to wonder about Stevie. Robert Lusetich FoxSports.com confirms that when Tiger Woods returns at the Masters next month, bag man Stevie Williams will be by his side.
"I told Tiger I'd be there," he said.
Williams also denied porn star and alleged Woods mistress Jocelyn James's claim that she met Williams at a nightclub with Woods.

"If she's met me maybe it was in passing at a golf course, that's all I could think of," Williams said, "But as far as I'm concerned, I've never met this woman.
"I'm tired of having my name dragged through the mud over this. I've done nothing wrong. As I've repeatedly said, I knew nothing about what was going on."
played a practice round at Augusta National
Why CBS turned down Tiger interview according to The New York Times
CBS declined an opportunity to be the third outlet speaking with the golf star Sunday, primarily because executives at the network did not believe the interview would hold much value – not after he had already given his five minutes' worth to ESPN and the Golf Channel.
Though they declined to speak on the record, CBS executives described their reluctance Monday less as a journalistic stand against an interview subject trying to control questioning than as a practical decision about what benefit the network could get from the interview.
tattooed, Nazi-memorabilia-loving stripper Michelle McGee Golf writers gone wild The Associated Press's Doug Ferguson said via Twitter
Golf World his run-in with a zealous Tavistock organizer
So I get to the shuttle and a friendly enough chap says, "Didn't they give you a shirt?" to which I replied: "Yes they certainly did and a damn nice one it is." That was apparently the wrong answer. The guy, who now was getting very serious about his job, says: "In the spirit of the competition, everyone is expected to wear either Lake Nona blue or Isleworth red," or maybe it was the other way around. Frankly, the absurdity of the request -- which wasn't really a request -- directed my attention away from the details. Anyway, I replied: "In the spirit of journalism, I cannot wear your corporate uniform while I am covering your event. I am here as a journalist, not as a billboard."
Bloomberg News' Mike Buteau's take

the best (via Twitter): "At #Tavistock Cup. Have yet 2 be stopped and asked to change my shirt to Lake Nona or Isleworth. If I am, I'm going with the mesh tank top."

Haitian golf course still home to 44,000 refugees The New York Times
The Pétionville Golf Club, soaked by heavy rains late last week, has transformed itself into a mucky makeshift city. Home to at least 44,000 displaced people living under tarpaulins on its steep slopes, the club has a quasi-mayor, a ragtag security force, a marketplace, two movie theaters, three nightly prayer services, rival barber shops and even a plastic-sheeted salon offering manicures and pedicures.
Sports Illustrated's here

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