Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maybe Tiger Woods will re-think this whole comeback-at-the-Masters thing when he hears what Kenny Perry has planned for him."I'm
going to go give him a hug," Perry told media members at the
Transitions Championship in Tampa, Fla., on Wednesday. "I'm going up there and get
right in his face and tell him if I can do anything for him, let me
know."Perry added that he understood why other Tour players might dread being paired with Woods during the tournament because of
all the distractions, but he said he could handle it."It
would be a tough pairing to tell you the truth," Perry said. "I'm old
enough to maybe handle that, I don't know, maybe you need some
hillbilly like me to do that."Perry said he thought most people will give Woods a second chance when he returns to the public eye."I
think people will forgive," Perry said. "I don't know anybody in this
room that is perfect. We have all made mistakes. It's like any
sickness, like alcohol, drugs, you name it; there's so many things out
there that people get hung up into and it grabs you and just can't get
away from it for whatever reason. I don't know what does that inside a
person. But I hope America forgives. I hope we are that country that
will forgive, and give him a second shot."One thing Perry doesn't understand, however, is how Woods will get ready to play in the Masters without any warm-up tournaments."If
I play four, five weeks in a row, usually the first two weeks are
terrible, and third week is okay, and maybe by the fifth week I'm all
right and then I'll take a week off and then I'll go at it again,"
Perry said. "But he's had long stretches off in the past and
he's come back and won the first week out. I don't see how people do
that. I really don't understand that. I cannot process that in my head.
It's like a billion dollars; that doesn't compute with me."And if Woods really plays well?"He's going to astound us all if he goes out there and wins the thing," Perry said

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