By petedirenzo
Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Here's a look at Tiger Woods with a little perspective. Carl Jeffers writes for the Huffington Post that although Tiger is currently toxic on the endorsement front, it's possible, if not likely, that it will not always be so. Tiger can recover from this public relations disaster, probably easier than you may think.
The example Jeffers uses is in his rambling column is basketball star Kobe Bryant, who appeared on the latest cover of GQ magazine, his first non-sports cover since 2003, the year he was charged with rape. Bryant was front-page news every day and lost most of his major sponsors, too, and has since made a full recovery to his American hero status.

Today, you likely don't remember much or any of that saga. What you do remember is that Kobe has since won another NBA championship title, marched in a ticker tape parade through downtown Los Angeles, regained the number #1 spot in logo T-shirt sales, and received rock star-like attention from fans the world over at the Beijing Olympics.
And it has only been a year since Michael Vick was released from jail after being convicted of federal and state criminal charges in connection with dog fighting. Mid-way through this past NFL season,Vick was not receiving jeers, boos and catcalls on his home field in Philadelphia but wasn't even receiving any jeers, boos and catcalls on the road. And you remember the predictions of how Vick would literally be "run out of town" everywhere he went. It seems a certainty that by this time next year, Michael Vick will be the full-time starting quarterback for a competitive team in the NFL. Mark McGwire has even been rehired by the Cardinals to coach players on hitting.
The list goes on, and will continue to go on. And if we can get Tiger back on the golf course, the sooner the better, then I would posit that in two or three years, certainly much less than five or seven as with Bryant and McGwire, you won't remember much about Tiger's current travails, either.
In America, redemption is not only possible for fallen heroes; in fact, the fallen hero can count on it... The press event Tiger held was an important step in his process of making his way back... But Tiger needs to get back on the course. That's the proven path in our immediate gratification and "what have
you done for me lately" society.

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